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Cellular & Molecular Medicine Track


The CMM Track is the gateway to all basic, medical and translational research. We emphasize the importance of Cell and Molecular Biology approaches to study the foundations of life, health and disease.


Our track is designed for graduate students with a broad interest in investigating how prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells function as a living unit, respond to external cues, communicate with other cells, and contribute to the homeostatic and pathological processes in complex systems. The program offers maximum flexibility and can be individually tailored to a specific student's interests including aging, cancer, genetics, immunology, neuroscience, metabolism and physiology. We stress the development of a student's ability to think critically and to pursue hypothesis-driven research. We also encourage students to combine our advanced curriculum in Cellular and Molecular Medicine with any of the advanced core courses in the other IMGP tracks.


Overall, the CMM track provides students with a comprehensive foundation in science and interdisciplinary training that can be utilized for future career development in more specialized areas of biomedical research and education.


Cellular & Molecular Medicine - CSA Faculty:


Cellular & Molecular Medicine
Complete Faculty List and Interests:

Asmis, Reto, Biochemistry - Thiol Oxidative Stress and Macrophages Dysfunction in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases.


Bai, Yidong, Cell Systems & Anatomy - Mitochondrial, respiratory chain, complex assembly, turnover, copy number control.


Berton, Michael T., Microbiology - Regulation of immunity in infection, allergy and cancer; cytokine and Toll-like receptor signal transduction, regulation of gene expression.


Bishop, Alex, Children's Cancer Research Institute - Genomic instability, DNA repair, homologous recombination, cell signaling, cancer and aging.


Bose, Santanu, Microbiology - Anti-viral signaling against respiratory RNA virus.


Chatterjee, Bandana, Molecular Medicine - Gene regulation; nuclear receptors; cancer cell biology; environmental carcinogenesis; transgenic/knock out mice; live cell microscopy.


Chen, Xiao-Dong, Comprehensive Dentistry - Stem cells, extracellular matrix, aging, and biomedical tissue engineering.


Clark, Robert, Medicine - Neutrophil phagocytosis, microbial killing and tissue injury, gene regulation, cell signaling, reactive oxygen species.


Curran, Joanne E., TX Biomed Res Institute - Type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.


Dong, Lily, Cell Systems & Anatomy - Adiponectin signaling in Obese and Diabetes.


Dube, Peter, Microbiology - Endocytosis, bacteria/macrophage interacition.


Eaton, Benjamin A., Physiology - Synaptic growth, stability, and function in Drosophila.


Galvan, Veronica, Physiology - Alzheimer's disease, nervous system, aging, mTOR pathway, stem cell.


Ghosh, Rita, Urology - Melanoma, DNA damage, GU and skin cancer.


Ghosh-Choudhury, Nandini, Pathology - Gene expression, growth factor, signal transduction, kinase, breast cancer, metastasis, transgenic models, knockout mice, reactive oxygen species.


Habib, Samy, Cell Systems & Anatomy - Renal cancer.


Hinck, Andrews, Biochemistry - Melanoma, DNA damage, GU and skin cancer.


Hornsby, Peter, Physiology - Cell transplantation, cellular aging.


Hu, Yanfen, Molecular Medicine - BRCA1, breast cancer, gene expression and regulation.


Huang, Tim, Molecular Med - Cancer epigenetics.


Jiang, Jean, Biochemistry - Intercellular and intracellular signaling, amino acid transport.


Kadosh, David, Microbiology - Cell morphology, filamentous growth, fungal pathogenesis, gene regulation, genomics.


Kim, Chongwoo, Biochemistry - Polycomb Group structural biology chromatin.


Kim, Dae Joon, Pharmacology - Molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis, protein tyrosine phosphatases.


Kokovay, Erzsebet, Cell Systems & Anatomy - Niche Regulation of Neural Stem Cells, Aging of Neural Stem Cells.


Kraig, Ellen, Cell Systems & Anatomy - Effects of aging and infection on immunity and autoimmunity.


Kumar, A. Pratap, Urology - Molecular targets, cancer therapy.


Lafer, Eileen, Biochemistry - Clathrin mediated endocytosis, Synaptic vesicle recycling, Molecular mechanisms underlying clathrin coat assembly and uncoating .


Larsen, Pamela, Cell Systems & Anatomy - Metabolism, stress resistance, aging and C. elegans development .


Lechleiter, James D., Cell Systems & Anatomy - Cellular and molecular mechanisms of protection during ischemic stress, acute brain injury and aging.


Lee, John, Biochemistry - Skeletal system.


Li, Rong, Molecular Medicine - Breast cancer, BRCA1, hormone-dependent gene regulation, obesity, adipose tissue, tumor microenvironment.


Li, Senlin, Medicine - stem cell/gene therapy, neurodegenerative diseases, Parkinson's disease, atherosclerosis, hematopoietic stem cell, aging, rejuvenation.


LoVerde, Philip, Biochemistry - Molecular, Genetic and Immunological Investigation of the human blood fluke, Schistosoma mansoni.


Lu, Xin-Yun, Pharmacology - Neurobiology of stress-related disorders, Depression and obesity, Leptin signaling in the central nervous system.


Luduena, Richard, Biochemistry - Structure of tubulin; biochemistry of microtubules; tubulin isotypes, mechanism of action of anti-tumor drugs.


McEwen, Donald, Biochemistry - Apoptosis, development, cell signaling, planar cell polarity, oncogenesis.


Nicholson, Bruce, Biochemistry - Cell communication; gap junction channel structure, permeability and gating; mechanisms of tumor suppression; intercellular communication and cell migration.


Oddo, Salvatore, Physiology - Alzheimer's disease, neurodegeneration, aging, transgenic mice, dementia.


Oyajobi, Babatunde (KAY), Cell Systems & Anatomy - Skeletal biology, cancer-induced bone diseases, multiple myeloma, ubiquitin-proteasome pathway, non-invasive small animal imaging.


Penalva, Luiz O., Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute - Post-transcriptional regulation and RNA binding proteins.


Ran, Qitao, Cell Systems & Anatomy - Oxdative damage, antioxidant defense, aging, Alzheimer's, transgenic mice, apoptosis.


Rao, Hai, Molecular Medicine - Ubiquitin, regulated proteolysis, protein quality control, prion diseases.


Rao, Manjeet, Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute - Pediatric cancers, microRNA, RNAi, transcription.


Saikumar, Pothana, Pathology - Cell injury, cell death, oncogenes.


Shiio, Yuzuru, Biochemistry - Quantitative proteomics, ICAT (isotope-coded affinity tag), ubiquitin ligases, VHL, BRCA1, protein secretion, senescence, cancer biomarkers.


Sun, Luzhe, Cell Systems & Anatomy - Cancer biology, Signal transduction, Cell cycle, Cell senescence, Experimental therapeutics.


Tekmal, Rajeshwar, Ob-GYN - Growth factor/hormone crosstalk, signal transduction, steroid hormone coactivation.


Toney, Glenn M., Physiology - Neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, membrane channels, neuronal osmosensation.


Vadlamudi, Ratna K., Ob-GYN - Neclear receptors, coregulators, hormone, growth factor, chromatin regulation, epigenetics, cytoskeleton signaling, kinases, breast cancer.


Walss-Bass, Consuelo, Psychiatry - Schizophrenia, neuregulin.


Walter, Chris, Cell Systems & Anatomy - DNA repair, mutagenesis, mitochondria, transgenic mice, aging, spermatogenic cells.


Wang, Degeng , Epidemiology - Dynamics of biochemical networks.


Wang, Pei , Cell Systems & Anatomy - Next generation sequencing; structure and dynamics of biochemical networks; comparative genomics.


Wargovich, Michael , Molecular Medicine - Cancer chemoprevention drug discovery.


Yew, P. Renee, Molecular Medicine - Vertebrate cell cycle regulation, DNA replication initiation, Ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis and signaling, Tumor suppressor function.


Zhong, Guangming, Microbiology - Microbial manipulation of mammalian cell apoptosis and other signaling pathways, Infection and Immunity, Vaccine.