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Cancer Biology Track


Cancer has recently surpassed heart disease as the number one killer in the U.S. population under 85. The evolving technologies in molecular biology, imaging, and rational drug design and screening have lead to rapid expansion of new strategies for prevention, detection and treatment of human malignancies.


The goal of the Cancer Biology Track is to educate the next generation of cancer researchers to meet the growing demands for scientists trained in multiple facets of cancer biology.


Faculty in this track possess a broad range of expertise in cancer research including genomics/proteomics, cell signaling and receptor biology, tumor immunology, DNA repair, structural biology, viral oncogenesis, drug discovery, chemoprevention, experimental therapeutics, and clinical trials. The curriculum stresses both basic and translational research to provide the broad background in oncology needed for today's research.


Cancer Biology Track - CSA Faculty:


Cancer Biology Complete Faculty List and Interests:

AGUIAR, Ricardo, Biochemistry
Leukemia and lymphoma, molecular basis of clinical heterogeneity.


Cancer genetics and Genomics, DNA damage/Genomic instability, Animal model systems.


BOYER, Thomas, Molecular Medicine
Role of oncoproteins and tumor suppressor proteins in transcription regulation and DNA repair.


CHATTERJEE, Bandana, Molecular Medicine
Nuclear receptors and metabolic regulation; androgen receptor in prostate cancer and gene regulation.


CHEN, Shuo, Pediatric Dentistry
Androgen receptor and prostate cancer development.


CHEN, Yidong, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, GCCRI
Bioinformatics, Genomic approaches to cancer.


CURIEL, Tyler, San Antonio Cancer Institute
Cancer immunology, translational research, signal transduction, metastasis, tumor Microenvironment.


DAHIA, Patricia, CSA & Hematology/Medical Oncology
Biologcal signatures, pheochromocytomas, mitochondria, hypoxia, genomics of cancer.


FREEMAN, James W., Hematology/Medical Oncology
Cell signaling, experimental therapeutics.


GACZYNSKA, Maria, Molecular Medicine
Role of controlled proteolysis in cancer, molecular medicine.


GHOSH, Rita, Urology
Carcinogenesis mechanisms, prevention and therapy.


GHOSH-CHOUDHURY, Nandini, Pathology
Cancer growth, apoptosis, metastasis.


HASTY, Paul, Molecular Medicine
DNA damage and repair.


HINCK, Andrew, Biochemistry
TGF beta interactions, solution NMR spectroscopy.


HORNSBY, Peter, Physiology
Role of telomeres in tumorigenesis.


HU, Yanfen, Molecular Medicine
Mechanism of BRCA1 in tumor suppression.


HUANG, Tim, Molecular Medicine
Cancer epigenetics.


HUNG, Jaclyn, Pediatrics & GCCRI
Cancer stem cells, microRNA in cancer.


IVANOV, Dmitri, Biochemistry
DNA repair, macromolecular assembly, structural biology.


JIANG, Jean, Biochemistry
Cell communication.


JOHNSON-PAIS, Teresa, Pediatrics
Metastasis, arrays - cancer cell biology.


KIM, Chongwoo, Biochemistry
Polychrome group, X-ray crystallography, chromatin.


KIM, Dae Joon, Pharmacology
Protein tyrosine phosphatase, carcinogenesis, UVB irradiation, DNA damage repair.


Women's cancer.


KUMAR, A. Pratap, Urology
Nutritional intervention of carcinogenesis.


Cancer genetic, epidemiolog, tumor suppressor genes.


LEE, Sang, Molecular Medicine
Molecular genetics of DNA damage response.


LI, Rong, Molecular Medicine
The molecular basis of breast cancer.


LIU, Feng, Pharmamcology
Signal transduction.


MARCINIAK, Robert, CSA & Hematology/Medical Oncology
Cancer, telomere maintenance.


MOOBERRY, Susan, Pharmacology
Drug discovery and development.


NATARAJAN, Mohan, Otolaryngology
Head and Neck Surgery - Tumor treatment.


NICHOLSON, Bruce, Biochemistry
Structure and function of gap junctions; gap junctions as tumor suppressors.


OSMULSKI, Pawel A., Molecular Medicine
Role of controlled proteolysis in cancer, molecular medicine.


OYAJOBI, Babatunde, CSA
Myeloma bone disease, breast cancer, experimental therapeutics.


PADALECKI, Susan, CSA & Urology
Bone metastases, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, animal models and breast cancer.


Post-transcriptional regulation, RBPs.


PERTSEMLIDIS, Alexander, Pediatrics & GCCRI
MicroRNAs in cancer.


RAO, Manjeet, CSA & GCCRI
MicroRNAs and RNA interference in cancer.


SAIKUMAR, Pothana, Pathology
Oncogenes and cell death.


SHARP, Z. Dave, Molecular Medicine
Gene regulation in development; cell growth control in cancer and aging.


SLAGA, Thomas J., Pharmacology
Carcinogenesis, prevention and therapy.


Cancer biology, signal transduction, cell cycle, cell senescence, experimental therapeutics.


TEKMAL, Rajeshwar, OB-GYN
Breast/ovary/cervical cancers, hormonal carcinogenesis/steroid hormone research.


THOMPSON, Ian M., Urology
Urologic oncology.


TOMLINSON, Gail, Pediatrics and GCCRI
Pediatric cancers and hepatoblastoma.


Signal transduction, nuclear receptors, coregulators, Tg/KO mouse models.


VOGEL, Kristine, CSA
NFI, animal models for nervous system cancers, DNA damage/repair.


DNA repair in development, aging and cancer.


Stem cell biology and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.


WARGOVICH, Michael, Molecular Medicine
Cancer chemoprevention drug discovery.


YEW, P. Renee, Molecular Medicine
Cell cycle regulation in vertebrates and the role of ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis in cancer.