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Biology of Aging Track

This Program will provide graduate students with a unique curriculum designed to train them in the basic biology of aging, thereby preparing them to thrive at a unique interface of bioscience and medicine.


The program will encompass lectures and laboratory instruction in molecular, cellular, and physiological mechanisms of aging. Also covered will be theories of aging, genetic versus environmental impacts on aging rate, experimental paradigms of aging research, the biology of model organisms, demographic analysis of aging, comparative and evolutionary biology of aging, pathobiology of selected organ systems, and recent advances in genetic and environmental treatments that extend life and prevent disease.


Biology of Aging Track - CSA Faculty:


Biology of Aging Faculty and Interests:

ADAMO, Martin, Biochemistry - Mechanisms of IGF-I gene expression and action.


ASMIS, Reto, Allied Health - Thiol oxidative stress in monocyte/macrophage dysfunction in dyslipidemia, diabetes, and chronic diseases.


BAI, Yidong, CSA - Mitochondrial functions at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and animal levels.


BECKSTEAD, Micheal - Physiology


BISHOP, Alex, CSA & GCCRI - Genetics of genomic instability, homologous recombination, with age and damage.


BOWER, James


CHATTERJEE, Bandana, Molecular Medicine - Molecular basis of aging.


CHEN, Xiao-Dong, Comprehensive Dentistry


CLARK, Robert, Asst. VP for Clinical Research - Role of the family of NADPH oxidases in aging; the activation of NF-B and other redox-sensitive transcription factors.


CORNELL, John, Epidemiology and Biostatistics - Biostatistics/Quality of life medical analysis


Dahia, Patricia, CSA & Hematology/Medical Oncology - The role of mitochondria and aging in cancer, in particular hereditary tumors.


DAVIS, M. Duff, Research Imaging Center - Neuroimaging of Primate Brain Development; Aging in the Marmoset


DONG, Lily Q., CSA - Insulin/IGF1 signaling in aging.


EATON, Benjamin A., Physiology - Using Drosophila to investigate the link between neuromuscular junction stabilization and lower motor disease


FERNANDES, Gabe, Medicine-Clinical Immunology - Immunobiology inschemia and reperfusion.




GACZYNSKA, Maria, Molecular Medicine - Role of the proteosome in protein degradation.


GALVAN, Veronica, Physiology - Alzheimer's disease, nervous system, aging, mTOR pathway, stem cell.


GIUFFRIDA, Andrea - Pharmacology




HART, Peter J., Biochemistry - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.


HASTY, E. Paul, Molecular Medicine - Impact of DNA repair and genomic instability in the aging process in mice.


HAZUDA, Helen, Medicine-Epidemiology - The disablement process, health disparities, type 2 diabetes, psychosocial and cultural factors in health, epidemiology.


HORNSBY, Peter, Physiology & Barshop Institute - Cell Transplantation Techniques to Probe Cellular Aging


IKENO, Yuji, Pathology & Barshop Institute - Pathology of aging and the role of oxidative stress in age-related pathology.


IMAM, Syed, Medicine - molecular mechanisms of neuronal cell death, novel cell death and cell survival pathways and their correlation with the molecular basis of Parkinson's disease.


JOHNSON, John, Physiology - Cardiovascular Control


KELLOGG, Dean, Medicine-Geriatrics - Cardiovascular aging


KOKOVAY, Erzsebet, CSA


KRAIG, Ellen B., CSA - Effects of age on immune regulation


LAFER, Eileen, Biochemistry - Neurobiology


LARSEN, Pamela L., CSA - Biological mechanism(s) of aging in C. elegans.


LEACH, Robin, CSA - Osteoporosis/Paget's Disease.


LECHLEITER, James D., CSA - Cell survival and cell death.


LI Senlin, Medicine - Gene therapy in Parkinson's disease.


LICHTENSTEI N, Michael, Medicine - Geriatrics - Epidemiology.


LIU, Feng, Pharmacology - Molecular mechanisms in insulin signaling.


MARCINIAK, Robert, CSA - Basic biology of cancer and aging and their interrelationship.


MARSHALL, Amanda, Orthopaedics - Geriatric bone health; elderly patients with osteoporotic fractures; hip and knee reconstructions.


MCALISTER-HENN, Lee, Biochemistry - Protection from metabolic oxidative stress by cytosolic sources of NADPH.


MCMANUS, Linda, Pathology - Aging muscle and role of fat invasion in its dysfunction.


MOORE, Charleen, CSA - Effect of aging on chromosome structure and function.


MUSI, Nichols, Medicine - Diabetes - Molecular Biology of Insulin Action; Molecular Basis of Insulin Resistance in Aging; Pathophysiology of Sarcopenia; Cellular Effects of Exercise in Muscle.


NELSON, Jim, Physiology & Barshop Institute - Glucocorticoids, stress, anti-aging interventions.


ODDO, Salvatore, Physiology


ORIHUELA, Carlos, Microbiology & Immunology - Age-associated inflammation and pneumonoccal disease through enhanced expression of plgR and PAFr in elderly.


OYAJOBI, Babatunde, CSA - Biology of multiple myeloma and other cancer-induced bone diseases.


RAN, Qitao, CSA & Barshop Institute - Oxidative damage and apoptosis


RAO, Hai, Molecular Medicine - Role of Ub/proteasome system in Prion disease.


RAWLS, Henry, Restorative Dentistry - Oral infections associated with elderly people.


REA, Shane, Physiology - Aging in C. elegans (Mit Mutants; Mitochondrial; Bioenergetics; Metabolomics; DNA Damage); Human Mitochondrial-associated Disorders (S. cerevisiae Models);Type II Diabetes.


ROBERTS, James, Pharmacology - The role of hormones on brain development and age-related decline in brain function and memory loss.


SHARP, Z. Dave, Molecular Medicine - Gene regulation in development; cell growth control in cancer and aging.


SHIREMAN, Paula, Surgery - Muscle regeneration and stem cell differentiation in aging.


SLAGA, Thomas, Pharmacology - glucocorticoid hormones as potent inhibitors of physiological DNA synthesis in keratinocyte.


SOUSA, Rui, Biochemistry - T7 RNA polymerase as a model system to explore the conformational dynamics of transcription.


SUN, LuZhe, CSA - Signal transduction, cell cycle, cell senescence, experimental therapeutics; Cancer biology.


WALTER, Chris, CSA - Reproductive aging, genetic instability and aging, cancer.




WARD, Walter, Physiology & Barshop Institute - Proteomics; aging; anti-aging actions of caloric restriction and PGC-1a.