Department of
Cell Systems & Anatomy

Ph.D. Program Checklist


First Year Courses:
    Fundamentals of Biomedical Sciences (INTD 5000)
    Ethics in Research (INTD 6002)
    Track Specific Courses


Second/later Years Courses:
    Seminar course (CSBL 6090)(Every year; fall and spring semesters)
    Experimental Design and Data Analysis (CSBL 5095)
    Graduate Colloquium (CSBL 5089)
    Two elective courses chosen by the student
    Scientific Writing (CSBL 5077)


Second/later Years Requirements:

  • Qualifying exam (spring semester, second year)
  • Present two Journal Clubs
  • Presentation of Dissertation Proposal to COGS (Second year)
  • At least one semester teaching in a professional or graduate course
  • Annual seminar presentation of research
  • Admission to candidacy must occur at least two semesters before defense
  • Dissertation Defense



  • First year: 3 laboratory rotations
  • Completion of independent research project



  • A minimum of two full 16-week semesters, or the equivalent, as a full-time student
  • Must register for Dissertation (CSBL 7099) at least two semesters prior to defense.