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Department of
Cell Systems & Anatomy

Interdepartmental Course Descriptions


INTD 5000: Fundamentals of Biomedical Sciences
  This is a core course covering the fundamentals of biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology, immunology, and organismal & systems biology. The course is designed for first year graduate students matriculating into the integrated, multidisciplinary graduate program.
(8 Semester Credit Hours)


INTD 6002: Ethics in Research
  This course will deal with topics relevant to ethics in scientific research. The course will be taught on a "case study" basis, dealing with real and hypothetical situations relevant to the conduct of scientific research. Topics discussed will include, but will not be limited to: data management, peer review, recognizing scientific misconduct, authorship, and The University of Texas regulations relevant to human and animal research.
(0.5 semester credit hours)