Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy

Committee on Graduate Studies (COGS)


Several faculty members oversee the administration of the Cellular and Structural Biology Graduate Program. Each of the leaders of the four tracks in CSA are also members.


The members of COGS (Committee on Graduate Studies) are:

    Chair of COGS, who convenes all meetings of the COGS and oversees the efficient execution of all activities of COGS so that the Graduate Program is carried out in an organized fashion;


    Student Advisor who advises students, carries out student evaluations, supervises student rotations, monitors course requirements, and assures that deadlines and committee appointments are met;


    Admissions Chair who appoints and works with a committee to select qualified candidates for the Cell Systems & Anatomy Graduate Program.


In addition, the Journal Club Chair and the Student Seminar Chair oversee individual aspects of the graduate program. Lastly, the graduate students select an individual to serve as the Student Representative to COGS.


Current COGS members:

Chair of COGS Kay Oyajobi
Student Advisor
MS Degree Admissions Chair Manjeet Rao
Biology of Aging (BA) Track leaders Peter Hornsby
Cancer Biology (CB) Track leaders Alex Pertsemlidis & Kay Oyajobi
Cell & Molecular Medicine (CMM) Track leaders Jim Lechleiter & Renee Yew
Genetics, Genomics & Development (GGD) Track leaders Phil LoVerde & Robin Leach
CSA Chair Christi Walter
Student Seminar Chair
Journal Club Chair Robert Marciniak
Awards Committee Chair Erzsebet Kokovay
Anatomy Liaison Linda Johnson
Student Representative Sealy Hambright