Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy

Master Students


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Name Year
Mentor Track/Program
Branch, Sarah 2012 M.S. Mike Beckstead
Jim Lechleiter
Chun, Sang Hyun 2015 M.S. Jim Lechleiter Biotechnology
Fowler, Brent 2015 M.S. Anatomical Sciences
Fraker, Tamara 2014 M.S. Manjeet Rao Biotechnology
Jones, Michael 2015 M.S. Anatomical Sciences
Lee Sang, Jeffrey 2015 M.S. Anatomical Sciences
McKenzie, Robert Pierce 2012 M.S. Yidong Bai Anatomical Sciences
Porras, Christina 2012 M.S. Yidong Bai Biotechnology
Qian, Yusheng 2015 M.S. Yidong Bai Biotechnology
Rendon, Samantha 2009 M.S. Jim Lechleiter Biology of Aging
Solis, Laura 2015 M.S. Omid Rahimi Anatomical Sciences
Wang, Chen 2013 M.S. Qitao Ran Biotechnology