Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy

CSA Emeritus Faculty


Erle K. Adrian Jr., M.D., Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
The University of Texas Health Science Center 1969 - 2000.


University of Texas Medical Branch - Ph.D., 1967
Harvard Medical School - M.D., 1963




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Williams RP, Wilhelm GB, Adrian EK Jr., Cameron IL. (1982) Evidence for turnover of DNA in the nucleus and in the cytoplasm of adult post-mitotic neurons in vivo. Cytobios. 1982;35(139-140):187-94.


Cameron IL, Adrian EK Jr. (1979) Unstable nuclear DNA in hypoglossal neurons of adult mice. Cytobios. 1979;25(98):85-92.


Adrian EK Jr. (1968) Cell division in injuried spinal cord. Am J Anat. 1968 Nov;123(3):501-20.