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The CSBL 4024 History of Anatomy In Situ:
The Reawakening and Development of Anatomy in 14th-18th Century Italy


2010 Visit

UTHSCSA professors and medical students from the 2010 HOAIS course with Prof. Mazzotti, colleagues from Turkey, and Italian medical students from the University of Bologna who participated in the anatomy workshop in San Antonio


UTHSCSA Senior Medical Students
at Il Bo, University of Padova
Archiginnasio Anatomical Theater Bologna Prof.ssa Zecchi, Anatomical Museum University of Firenze
History of Medicine Library University of Padova Arrivederchi, Italy! With medical students at the University of Firenze



2007 Visit


Visit to Padua | Visit to Bologna | Visit to Florence

Padua Visit:


Bologna Visit:


Florence Visit: