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CSA In The News 2013

December, 2013

Congratulations to our three CSB 2014 Presidential Awardees!
  • Sarah Lindauer, Associate Director, Finance and Administration

Congratulations to Lora Talley Watts on her newly funded grant by the Mike Hogg Fund!


Lokendra Sharma, Ph.D., a former postdoctoral fellow in Yidong Bai's lab, has been recruited as a faculty member at Central University of Bihar in India. Congratulations to Lucky and Yidong!


First Annual Conference on Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine
Save the Date!
February 13-14, 2014 at UTSA
Featuring presentations by local investigators, clinicians and entrepreneurs on:
     - Science of Stem Cells
     - Tissue Engineering
     - Regenerative Medicine - Clinical Progress
     - Business of Regenerative Medicine



November, 2013

Congratulations to one of our CSB students, Tiffani Horton!! Tiffani, who is in the Cancer Biology track, has recently received a scholarship to enable her attend and participate in the Keystone Symposia Conference on Transcriptional Regulation holding in Santa Fe, New Mexico next February. Tiffani's scholarship, is one of only three awards through the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Ancillary Training Program, Grant. Congratulations also to her mentor, Rita Ghosh!


Congratulations to one of our recent CSB PhD graduates, Claudia Valentim and her mentor Phil LoVerde on their paper just published in Science (with Claudia as first author). Claudia, who was in the Genetics, Genomics and Development (GGD) track, graduated last fall. While in our program, Claudia was a recipient of the CSB David Carillo Memorial Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies, which was presented to her at the annual departmental retreat in 2011. Claudia is presently a postdoctoral fellow at Ohio State University. Phil LoVerde is GGD co-track leader and member of CSB COGS.




Congratulations to Damon Herbert who received recognition for his 40 years of service to the HSC!


Damon, thanks for all of your contributions to the Department, School and Institution.


UTHSCSA President, William L. Henrich, M.D., MACP (right) honors Damon C. Herbert, Ph.D. Professor (left) with an award for 40 years of service!



Congratulations to Yidong Bai and Manjeet Rao. Both have been informed they will receive IIMS and CTRC jointly funded pilot studies related to cancer!


Congratulations also go to Liqin Du! Liqin also learned that her pilot study will be co-funded by the IIMS CTRC.


Congratulations to Dr. Zanotto-Filho, a postdoctoral fellow in Alex Bishop's lab. This is a new Department of Defense Award!


October, 2013

History of Medicine Society
Wednesday, October 30, 6:00 p.m.
Howe Conference Room, Briscoe Library
Charleen M. Moore, Ph.D., Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy, will speak about Body Snatching and Great Operations of the Early 19th Century. Her presentation will include a display of books by the Scottish anatomists John Bell and Charles Bell that are held in the collection of the P.I. Nixon Medical Historical Library. Members of the History of Medicine Society will offer Trick or Treat bags in exchange for donations to the library. The History of Medicine Society is a student-led interest group of the Friends of the P.I. Nixon Medical Historical Library. Everyone is welcome.


Congratulations to two of our CSB PhD students, Ana Chavez-Santoscoy and Tiffani Horton, both in the Cancer Biology track!! Both Anna and Tiffani have recently learnt of their selection by the GSBS Awards Committee as Greehey Graduate Fellows for 2013/14. The fellowship awards will support stipend, tuition and fees. Congratulations also to their mentors, Alex Bishop and Rita Ghosh!


September, 2013

Congratulations to Brent Thompson who has just received word that his Morrison Trust grant application will be funded!


Congratulations to Alan Sakaguchi! Below is a link to an article about Alan Sakaguchi's teaching activities in the HSC express Spotlight on Excellence or view PDF version.


Frank Weaker's text book on anatomy of the head and neck has just been published! "Structures of the Head and Neck" will soon be available. Congratulations, Frank!


Congratulations to Ellen Kraig for being elected to the Council of Principal Investigators!


Congratulations to Jim Lechleiter on the new R21 that will be funded!


Congratulations to Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D., and Yiqiang Zhang, Ph.D., on the HSC News article Knockout mouse grows larger, but weaker, muscles Posted: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 Volume: XLVI Issue: 19


Congratulations to Wenrui Ye, predoctoral student in Brent Thompson's laboratory, for being selected to give a platform presentation at the American Association of Anatomists annual meeting in October!


Congratulations to two of our CSB students, Alison Doyungan and Cathy Samayoa, both in the Cancer Biology track! Both were recently selected for support on NIH institutional training grants from highly competitive pools of applicants. Alison was selected as a predoctoral trainee on the NIDCR T32 COSTAR Training Grant and Cathy was selected for support on the NIGMS R25 (IMSD) Grant. Congratulations also to their respective mentors, Tom Boyer (Molecular Medicine) and Raj Tekmal (OB-GYN)!


Congratulations to Kay Oyajobi, Nicquet Blake and their partners at Texas State, Rachell Booth and Ron Walter, on their newly funded R25 bridge grant!


Congratulations to Liqin Du! Liqin has just learned she will receive a Bank of America- Shelby Rae Tengg Grant Award for her work on treating neuroblastoma.


History of Medicine Society:
Ron Philo, Ph.D.,

    retired Senior Lecturer, will speak about
    The Anatomical Drawings of Leonardo DaVinci


    Wednesday, September 25, 6:00 p.m.
    Howe Conference Room, Briscoe Library 5th Floor


August, 2013

Congratulations to two of our CSB students, Monica Mann and Cristina Rohena!! Both have just learnt that they have been selected to participate in the annual NIH National Graduate Student Research Conference to be held in October in conjunction with the annual NIH Research Festival at the NIH main campus in Bethesda, MD. Only 90 applicants are selected for this all expenses-paid 2-day conference. Last year, there were 540 applications from all over all over the U.S.! I have attached the program book from last year if you're interested in what the conference covers. Congratulations also to their mentors, Ratna Vadlamudi and Sue Mooberry!


Congratulations to two of CSB's recent graduates Diana Villarreal, PhD and Erika Lackey, MS!! Diana and Erika are the 2013 Armand J. Guarino Awardees for Excellence in Graduate Studies (at the doctoral and master's level respectively)! Diana, a MD/PhD student was in the Cancer Biology track in Sang-Eun Lee's lab. She graduated with a PhD degree in May 2013. Erika was a student in the MS Biotechnology track in David Kadosh's lab and she graduated with a MS degree in December 2012. The Guarino awards are the highest awards the graduate school bestows on its graduates and they were created to recognize exceptional performance by graduate students during their training here at UTHSCSA. Diana and Erika, the two CSB nominees were selected from from nominees put forward by individual graduate programs. They will receive recognition in form of a certificate and a check from the Graduate Dean at the annual Convocation later this month and will have their names added to the plaque displayed near the Graduate Dean's Office. We are very proud of both Diana and Erika and their accomplishments. Congratulations also to their mentors, Sang Lee and David Kadosh!




Congratulations to Brent Thompson who has learned his NARSAD application titled, Assessing the Developmental Impact of Early-Life Exposure to SSRI Class Antidepressants, will be funded!


Congratulations to Wilson Fok, one of our students (Biology of Aging track) who successfully defended his PhD dissertation yesterday! During his time in our program, Wilson was supported, in part, by a fellowship on the institutional NRSA (T32 training grant) from NIA. Although he hasn't decided where yet, Wilson plans to start a postdoc in the very near future. Congratulations also to Wilson's mentor, Arlan Richardson!


July, 2013



Congratulations to Russ Reiter on his article "Walnut diet decreases the risk of prostate cancer" post to the Chron Website article titled "You'd run faster if a zombie were chasing you, too" By Sarah Rufca | July 26, 2013 | Updated: July 26, 2013 3:41pm!


Congratulations to Valerie Cortez, one of our students (Cancer Biology track) who successfully defended her PhD dissertation yesterday! During her time in our program, Valerie was the recipient of an individual NRSA (F31 fellowship) from NCI. She will be starting a postdoc as an Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA) Fellow at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston sometime in the next few months. Congratulations also to Valerie's mentor, Ratna Vadlamudi!


Congratulations to August Blackburn, one of our students (Genetics, Genomics & Development track) who successfully defended his PhD dissertation yesterday! August is considering a postdoc at Texas Biomedical Research Institute (TexasBiomed) here in San Antonio, starting in the fall. Congratulations also to August's mentor, Donna Lehman!




Congratulations to Dr. Erzsi Kokovay!
She is the recipient of a new Aging Pilot Grant from the Nathan Shock Center.


Congratulations to June Che, one of our students who won the best poster award in the predoctoral category at the recent annual joint retreat of the NCI T32/CPRIT Cancer Biology Training Programs. Jun's mentor is Sang-Eun Lee!




Congratulations to Tom King and Charleen Moore! Both were acknowledged for the excellence in teaching by being awarded a Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award!


Congratulations to Babatunde Oyajobi, Nicquet Blake, Ron Walter and Rachel Booth for the new R25 grant that will be funded! The title of the grant is, South Texas Doctoral Bridge Program.


Congratulations to Desiree Wilson, one of our students in the GGD track and her mentor, Robin Leach who have learnt that a 2-year research training supplement for Desiree will be funded by NCI.


Congratulations to Rachel Hartley, one of our students (Cancer Biology track) who successfully defended her PhD dissertation yesterday! Rachel was only the second predoctoral trainee on the NCI T32 training grant. She will be starting a postdoc later this week at UTMB, Galveston. Congratulations also to Rachel's mentor, Sue Mooberry!


SELC 7091 is a summer dental course directed by Dr. Fred Richards. The dental students enrolled in this course designed and completed advanced anatomical studies in head and neck anatomy. Their projects were presented to 43 dental faculty, dental residents, anatomy faculty, and dental students in a presentation on June 28, 2013.


June, 2013

Congratulations to LuZhe Sun who has learned his multi-PI grant with Andy Hinck is funded!


Congratulations to Lokendra Sharma! His grant application to the Dept of Science and Technology Govt. of India has been approved!


Congratulations to Dr. Lily Dong! She has been awarded a grant from the American Diabetes Association.


Congratulations to Aparna Gorthi one of our students in the Cancer Biology Track. Aparna has just learned she has been selected as a 2013 Translational Science Training (TST) Across Disciplines Scholar. The TST Program is run by the IIMS-CTSA with funds from the UT System Graduate Programs Initiative and the Office of Vice President for Research). Aparna also received the 2013 Rennels Memorial Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies at our recent annual departmental retreat. As a TST Scholar, Aparna will receive a full stipend plus additional funds for her research. Congratulations also to Aparna's mentor, Alex Bishop!


Congratulations to Deepa Sathyaseelan! Deepa just learned that her AFAR grant, Mitochondrial matrix protease ClpP in aging and cell survival, will be funded!


Congratulations to Naomi Sayre! Naomi has just learned she will receive an American Heart Association Fellowship.


May, 2013


Dr. Charleen M. Moore,
Dr. Linda Y. Johnson
and Dr. Omid B. Rahimi!


Three of our outstanding education
faculty at graduation for the
School of Medicine!


Congratulations to ALL 2013 UTHSCSA Graduates!!!


Congratulations to Manjeet Rao. Manjeet has just learned that his Voelcker Foundation application will be funded as well as a pilot grant from UTSA for which he is co-PI.


Congratulations to Julie Barker who has just received the departmental Above and Beyond award. She earned this award from the extra effort and problem solving skills she utilized during our departmental retreat to make it run what appeared to be seamlessly, but in reality met many hurdles the day of the event.


Congratulations to Vivienne Rebel! She has been invited by the International Society for Experimental Hematology to chair a session at the 42nd Annual Scientific Meeting in Vienna, Austria on 22-25 August, 2013.


Congratulations to Suzette Laing, one of our DDS/PhD students in the Cell & Molecular Medicine track who has just learnt that her NRSA (F30 fellowship) will be funded by NIH/NIDCR. Congratulations also to Suzette's mentor, Senlin Li in the Department of Medicine!


Congratulations to Shauna Hill, one of our students in the Biology of Aging track on her recent award of a Glenn/American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR) Scholarship for Research in the Biology of Aging. Shauna has also recently been awarded a merit-based Barrett Family-endowed Scholarship from the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation for her graduate studies. Way to go Shauna! Shauna is the 2013 recipient of the CSB David Carillo Memorial Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies. Congratulations also to Shauna's mentor, Holly Van Remmen!


Congratulations to Dr. Babatunde (Kay) Oyajobi! Kay is now the Director of Education for the Department.


Congratulations are in order to the following CSB Retreat Award recipients:

    Susan L Naylor Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Studies:
    Dr. Lokendra Sharma was the inaugural recipient!


    CSB Award for Excellence in Health Professional Student Education:
    Dr. Earlanda Williams


    CSB Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching:
    Dr. Vivienne Rebel


    Rennels Memorial Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies:
    Aparna Gorthi (Bishop Lab)


    Bowman Graduate Student of the Year Award:
    Dr. Diana Villareal (Lee Lab)


    Carillo Memorial Fellowship Award:
    Shauna Hill (Van Remmen Lab)


    Best M.S. Student Poster:
    Geoffrey Daves (Dong Lab)


    Best Predoctoral Student Poster:
    Tie between Samaya Krishnan (Vadlamudi Lab) and Kaitlyn Lewis (Buffenstein Lab)


    Best Postdoctoral Fellow Poster:
    Dr. Naomi Sayre (Lechleiter Lab)

Congratulations to Bijal Karia, one of our students who successfully defended her PhD dissertation this week! Bijal was the 2007 recipient of the CSB David Carillo Memorial Award for Excellence as a graduate student. She also received a competitive three-year DoD Breast Cancer Predoctoral Trainee Award for her studies in 2010. Congratulations also to Bijal's mentor, Alex Bishop!


Congratulations to one of our graduate students, Cristina Rohena for winning 1st place for her poster presented at the 5th Annual Terry M. Mikiten Graduate Student Research Forum held last Friday! There were over 50 posters presented by graduate students as well as postdoctoral fellows from across the Health Science Center. Cristina was also recently selected as a 2013/14 Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program Biotechnology (SMDP Biotech) Scholar by the International Center for Professional Development. As part of the program, she participated in the 2013 BIO International Convention held in Chicago last month. Cristina is in the Cancer Biology track in Sue Mooberry's lab.



Congratulations to Dr. Fred Richards!
This was his third year in a row selected by the DS 1 as
"Professor of the Year".


Congratulations to Dr. Charleen Moore on the article in the Library News about her History of Anatomy course and their visit to the P.I. Nixon Library: Rare texts support inquiry in the School of Medicine and the School of Health Professions | PDF version


Congratulations to Dr. Charleen Moore! Dr. Moore has been named a Piper Professor for 2013 by the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation!


HSC News Release: Dr. Charleen Moore is named 2013 Piper Professor | PDF version | HSC News


The Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation has named 4 Piper Professors within the Department of CSB!

    Linda Y. Johnson, Ph.D. - 1995
    Mary K. Vaughan, Ph.D. - 2002
    Frank J. Weaker, Ph.D. - 2006
    Charleen M. Moore, Ph.D. - 2013


Congratulations to Shauna Hill, a student in Dr. Van Remmen's laboratory. Shauna has just learned that she will be the recipient of a Glenn/AFAR Scholarship for Research in the Biology of Aging!


Congratulations to Corinna Ross, Ph.D. and Suzette D. Tardif, Ph.D., on the HSC News Story:
Eating solid food early sets marmosets on path to obesity. Posted: Wednesday, May 1, 2013.


Congratulations to Ting Zhou, one of our students (GGD track) who successfully defended her PhD dissertation last week! Ting won 1st place for her poster in the predoctoral category at the annual CSB retreat last year and she was also a 2010/11 Translational Science Training (TST) Scholar (award from the IIMS-CTSA with funds from the UT System Graduate Programs Initiative). Congratulations also to Tings' mentor, Vivienne Rebel!


April, 2013

Congratulations to Kerri Glaspie who received an ABOVE AND BEYOND AWARD!!!! Thanks Kerri, for the extra miles that you went to get the job done.



Congratulations to Charleen M. Moore, Ph.D.,
on her 40 years Service Award!


"I am still teaching after 40 years because of my opportunities to introduce students to the wonders of the human body, the human genome and the history of medicine. I still enjoy what I do because of my colleagues, my students, the Body Donation Program and the P.I. Nixon Medical Historical Library. My colleagues are dedicated teachers and administrative personnel who work as a team, supporting each other in many ways, volunteering to help out where needed, and offering suggestions and solutions to many challenges. My students are my inspiration; interacting with them in and out of the classroom and anatomy lab is one of my greatest joys. The ability to teach from the bodies of our generous body donors and from the rare medical texts in our P.I. Nixon Library is a true privilege."


HSC express story:
Faculty and staff honored with service awards


Congratulations to the following graduate students and postdoctoral fellows for their successful applications in response to the call for proposals for pilot projects on Stem Cells In Aging!

    Jacob Hemmi, predoctoral student.
    Mentor: Dr. Peter Hornsby
    Title of Proposal: Generating Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Naked Mole Rat.


    Audrey Rakian, predoctoral student.
    Mentor: Dr. Stephen Harris
    Title of Proposal: α-SMA Stem Cells in the Periodontium and Alterations during Aging in the Absence of the Bmp2 Gene.


    Michael Walsh, predoctoral student.
    Mentor: Dr. Holly Van Remmen
    Title of Proposal: The Role of Epigenetic Changes in Satellite Cell Dysfunction during Aging.


    Márcia Cristina Teixeira dos Santos, PhD., postdoctoral fellow.
    Mentor: Dr. Luiz Penalva
    Title of Proposal: The RNA Binding Protein Musashi1 and its Implications in Neurogenesis and Aging.


    Naomi Sayre, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow
    Mentor: Dr. Jim Lechleiter
    Title of Proposal: Does Apolipoprotein E Modulate Stem Cell Proliferation via BMP Signaling?


Congratulations to Corinna Ross, Ph.D. and Suzette D. Tardif, Ph.D., on the HSC News Release:
Eating solid food early sets marmosets on path to obesity Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Congratulations to Meenakshi Tiwari, Ph.D.! She has just accepted an Assistant Professor position in the department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences at Patna in India.


Congratulations to Drs. Linda Johnson, Omid Rahimi and Fred Richards!
All were selected as Outstanding Faculty by the Medical Class of 2013!


Congratulations to Diana Villarreal, one of our students ( Cancer Biology track) who successfully defended her PhD dissertation last week! Diana, a MD/PhD student, has been the recipient of many awards. She was the inaugural predoctoral trainee on our NCI T32 training grant and subsequent received an individual NRSA (F30 fellowship) from NCI. She also won 3rd place for her poster in the predoctoral category at the annual CSB retreat last year. She will be going back to continue her medical studies (MS 3) in the summer. Congratulations also to her mentor, Sang-Eun Lee (Molecular Medicine)!


Congratulations to Ketan Krishnandand Marballi, PhD, one of our recent graduates ( Cell & Molecular Medicine track) who has been accepted into a postdoc position at UT Austin in the lab of Dr. Adron Harris at the Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research. Congratulations also to his mentor, Consuelo Walss-Bass!


Congratulations to Sapna Vijayakumar, PhD, one of our graduates who is now an Assistant Professor of Oncological Sciences at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. While she was a student in CSB, Sapna was also a recipient of the David Carillo Memorial Fellowship Award for Excellence. Congratulations also to her mentor, Sue Naylor!


March, 2013

Congratulations to Babatunde (Kay) Oyajobi! Kay was invited to participate in a USMLE Step 1 Standard Setting Panel.


Edward G. Rennels Distinguished Lecture Series Presents:
Dr. Lynda F. Bonewald
"Osteocytes -- Why we only look where the light is shining"
March 26, 2013
11:00 am
Medical Building 209L

February, 2013


2013 Presidential Awards -

Congratulations to Lily Dong and Alan Sakaguchi!
Each has been named a recipient of a
Presidential Teaching Excellence Award for 2013!



Congratulations to Manjeet K. Rao, Ph.D., assistant professor, Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy, Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute, School of Medicine!


You may be interested in Charleen Moore's upcoming lecture. It is scheduled for Feb 27 at noon in the Howe conference room inside the library. It's about "A Balancing Act: Medical Practices and the Four Humors in the Renaissance." It is to coincide with the current exhibit from the National Library of Medicine.


Dr. Carlos Machado is going to speak at the April meeting of the History of Medicine Society. His presentation will be on his work with the Netter Collection. The meeting will be in the Howe Conference Room in the Briscoe Library, starting at 6:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend his presentation.



Congratulations to Fred Richards who was just elected to an honorary membership in the dental honor society,
Omicron Kappa Upsilon!


Congratulations to Ai-Ling Lin! She was awarded the Neils Lassen Award at the Brain 2013 meeting sponsored by the International Xociety for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metablism, for her abstract titled, "CALORIC RESTRICTION ENHANCES OXIDATIVE BRAIN METABOLISM IN HEALTH AGING DETECTED BY 1H[13C] MRS".


Congratulations to Yidong Bai who has just been named to the editorial board of Mitochondrion!


January, 2013

Announcement of Summer Programs:





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