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CSA In The News 2012

December, 2012

Congratulations to Liqin Du who has learned that her Department of Defense (DoD) office of the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP), Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP) Discovery Award application was recommended for funding!


Congratulations to Jim Lechleiter who just learned the Center for Innovation in Drug Discovery Steering Committee has awarded him a pilot grant! Nice holiday present.


Congratulations to Deepa Sathyaseelan who has learned her grant to the American Heart Association will be funded in January 2013!


Congratulations to LuZhe Sun who was intereviewed by WOAI on Friday! "Local Researchers Will Study Link Between Plastic Water Bottles and Cancer" BPA has been suspected of links to several diseases
by Jim Forsyth


Congratulations to Jim Lechleiter and collaborators Drs. Digicaylioglu and Shapiro who have learned they will receive funding from CBN/IIMS for a pilot project!


Congratulations to Luiz Penalva and Erzsi Kokovay who have been notified they will be funded by the CBN and IIMS for their pilot project on miRNA in neurogenesis!



Our own Ron Philo's book, Leonardo de Vinci: Anatomist, which he co-authored with Martin Clayton, won first place for Best Use of Multimedia by the British Publisher! Congratulations Ron! See website at: British Book Design and Production Awards 2012.


November, 2012

Congratulations to Sue Naylor for being highlighted in the accompanying article in Nature!
Nature | Vol 491 | 8 November 2012


Congratulations to Russ Reiter! Russ gave the Harold Cummins Memorial Lectureship in the Department of Structural and Cellular Biology at Tulane on Friday Nov. 2, 2012.


Congratulations to Qitao Ran! He has two new grants to study Alzheimer's disease! UT Health Science Center San Antonio news: "$1.2 million funds studies of Alzheimer's cell biology"


October, 2012




Congratulations to
Dr. Linda Johnson
who recently received an Award for
40 years of service!!!


Congratulations to Lily Dong! Lily has been invited to serve on the editorial board of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, beginning July 2013.



HSC News Article: Children with cancer to benefit from $250,000 grant


Congratulations to Alexander Bishop and Vivienne Rebel, recipients of a Hyundai Hope Grant!!


Hyundai Hope on Wheels™ program awarded them a $250,000 Hope Grant! The Hope Grant support studies of myelodysplasia and leukemia.


Congratulations to Yidong Bai, Hongzhi Li and Hezhi Fang for their collaborative publication in Molecular Cell. Impact Factor 14!



Congratulations to Manjeet Rao!
Manjeet and Behyar Zoghi identified microRNAs that sensitize breast cancer cells to chemotherapy. The work was recognized at the recent American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting.


HSC News Article: New hope for taming triple-negative breast cancer.
UTHSCSA news release: Link to PDF


September, 2012


Congratulations to Vivienne Rebel, M.D., Ph.D.!


Dr. Rebel learned that the CTRC is awarding her a
2012 CTRC Discovery of the Year for her work,
Crebbp haploinsufficiency in mice alters the bone marrow microenvironment, leading to loss of stem cells and excessive myelopoiesis.


Dr. Vivienne Rebel, (pictured at left) receiving the Discovery of the Year award from Dr. Ian Thompson, Director of the Cancer Therapy and Research Center.


Congratulations to Erzsi Kokovay! She made the premier issue of Investigator, a new newsletter from the VPR's office. [Sept. 4th, Spotlight - Page 4]


Congratulations to Robin Leach (PI) on a new P20 award! Dr. Yidong Chen is co-Investigator and Dr. Kay Robbins is the UTSA partner institution PI.


Congratulations to Jade Zhou! Jade just learned that she will receive an Excellence in Women's Health Scholarship. Jade works in Jean Jiang's laboratory and is a member of the cancer track.


August, 2012

Congratulations to Ketan Marbali. Ketan was chosen as one of the recipients for the Society for Neuroscience (SFN)-graduate student travel award for the upcoming SFN conference in New Orleans in October. He was chosen on the basis of his abstract submission (poster), CV and a writeup on a woman scientist that has inspired him. He chose to write about Dr. Barbara McClintock.


Congratulations to Qitao Ran! He has learned his Alzheimer's Association Investigator Initiated Research Grant will be funded! Dr. Qitao Ran was awarded $280,000 over three years by Alzheimer's Association to study, "Glutaredoxin 2, mitochondrial protein glutathionylation and AD". This grant is an Investigator Initiated Research Grant (IIRG) of the Alzheimer's Association's 2012 International Research Grant Program.


Congratulations to Ai-Ling Lin on being awarded a K01! Dr. Ai-Ling Lin is the recipient of a NIA- Mentored Research Scientist Development Award. Her award, totaling nearly $462,000 over four years, will fund her research, "Neuroimaging Assessments of Brain Integrity in Aging". Dr. Arlan Richardson and Dr. Peter Fox are Dr. Lin's faculty mentors on this project.


Congratulations to one of our PhD graduates, Florian Muller! Florian just had an article "Passenger deletions generate therapeutic vulnerabilities in cancer" published in Nature. Way to go Florian!


Check out the historical talks by Charleen Moore and Ron Philo on the Talks on History and Health Library website.


Congratulations to Manjeet Rao who has been notified he will be the recipient of a ThriveWell Foundation Award!


Congratulations to Julie Barker! Julie was elected to server on the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) for FY13 and FY14.


Congratulations to Dr. Pei Wang! Dr. Wang has been named a recipient of a First-Time Tenure-Track Faculty Award from CPRIT! Pei will join the Department in September.


Congratulations to Lokendra (Lucky) Sharma on being named a co-recipient of the Barbara H. Bowman Scholarship awarded to outstanding postdoctoral fellows annually! Dr. Sharma works in Dr. Yidong Bai's laboratory.


Congratulations to Kian Azarnoush on being named the recipient of the Armand J Guarino Award for Academic Excellence in Master of Science Studies! Kian worked in Dr. Lily Dong's laboratory.


Congratulations to Kay Oyajobi for being selected to participate in the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Advocacy Leadership Institute!


July, 2012

Congratulations to Vivienne Rebel and Paul Hasty for a new R01!


Congratulations to Ellen Kraig and Peter Dube! They have just learned that their pilot project will be funded by the CTSA/IIMS.


Congratulations to Dr. Pei Wang! We have learned that her application for UT System Rising Star Award will be funded!


It is a pleasure to inform you that Dr. Pei Wang will join the faculty in the Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy as a tenure track Assistant Professor beginning in September!


Congratulations to LuZhe Sun on the recent notification that two new grant applications will be funded! One from the Mary Kay Foundation Cancer Research Grant and one from the NIEHS.


Congratulations to Samy Habib who has been invited to join the editorial board of Frontiers in Bioscience and to serve on the FY12 CDMRP/DOD Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Peer Review group.


HSC News Article: Eight receive $200,000 in teaching awards; Medellin honored Posted: Thursday, July 12, 2012 Volume: XLV Issue: 14


    Congratulations to Linda Johnson, PhD, Professor, awarded The University of Texas System Board of Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award (ROTA)!


    Congratulations to Susan Naylor, PhD, Professor, awarded The University of Texas System Board of Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award (ROTA)!
    Susan Naylor, Charleen Moore, Linda Johnson and Omid Rahimi in Austin at ROTA Dinner.


Congratulations to Alex Bishop, PI, Vivienne Rebel, co-PI, and Gail Tomlinson, co-PI, on their new grant award from Hope on Wheels!


Congratulations to Charleen Moore and Kristine Vogel on the Library story Applied Neuroanatomy: Exhibit showcases MS-1 elective course offering!


June, 2012

Congratulations to Dr. Rahimi on the HSC News Article Students grateful for having learned from human bodies Posted: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 Volume: XLV Issue: 12!


Omid Rahimi, Ph.D., Distinguished Teaching Professor and director of the Human Anatomy Program, said the annual interment service "is surely dedicated to those who, in death, have offered their bodies to serve the living."


Congratulations to Kay Oyajobi who has been selected to serve on the ASBMR Membership Development Committee! This appointment was the result of ASBMR Council approving the Nominating Committee's recommendation to him.


Congratulations to Abhik Bandyopadhyay who has been selected as a speaker in the "2nd World Congress on Cell Science & Stem Cell Research" (Cell Science-2012) in November 12-14, 2012 in San Antonio. He will also serve as an Organizing Committee Member and Scientific Advisor. Stem cell research is on the rise in the Department!


Congratulations to Ketan Marballi! At a recent meeting of the Society for Biological Psychiatry, his poster was selected as one of the top 35 out of 800. The title of his poster was "A Missense Mutation in Neuregulin 1 is associated with global changes in gene expression".


Congratulations to Lora Watts! She just learned the IIMS/CTSA intends to fund her translational technology resources award on her rat model of stroke.


Congratulations on the following awards at the ongoing AGE meeting:

    2012 American Aging Association Student Data Blitz award winners
  • Jamila Momand
  • Kaitlyn Lewis

    Walter R. Nicolai Pre-Doctoral Poster Award Honorable Mention

  • Kaitlyn Lewis

    2012 American Age Association Travel Awards

  • Daniel Pulliam
  • Shauna Hill
  • Ryan Hamilton


Congratulations to Dr. Ellen Kraig who officially started as Deputy Chair for Faculty Development on Friday, June 1, 2012!


May, 2012

Congratulations to Ai-Ling Lin who has just learned her AFAR proposal will be funded!


Congratulations to Rama Sharma who has learned he will be the recipient of the Alice Jee Memorial Young Investigator Award (travel award for attending the International Bone and Mineral Society meeting).


Congratulations CSB Faculty Award Winners:

    Award for Excellence in Health Professional Student Education: Maria Bartanuszova, M.D.
    Award for Excellence Graduate Student Education: Damon Herbert, Ph.D.


Congratulations CSB Student Award Winners:

    Rennels Award - Sweta Mishra, (mentor LuZhe Sun)
    Bowman Award - Dat Vo, (mentor Luiz Penalva)
    Carrillo Award - Danielle Victor, (mentor Brian Herman)


Congratulations CSB Poster Presentation Award Winners:

    1st Place by a M.S. student - Geoffrey Daves (mentor Lily Dong)
    3rd Place by a Predoctoral student - Diana Villarreal (mentor San Eun Lee)
    2nd Place by a Predoctoral student - Sohie Shu Lin (mentor LuZhe Sun)
    1st Place by a Predoctoral student - Ting Zhou (mentor Vivienne Rebel)


Congratulations to Fred Richards for being selected as the Professor of the Year by the Freshmen Dental Students!


Congratulations to Aparna Gorthi in Alex Bishop's laboratory for being awarded a CPRIT fellowship!


Congratulations to LuZhe Sun a CPRIT awardee! Dr. Sun received $875,252 for his work targeting the hedgehog pathway in prostate cancer. He is highlighted as a CPRIT awardee in the UTHSCSA Mission magazine (pg 7).


Congratulations to the following students, postdocs and mentors on receiving CPRIT fellowships or a T32 fellowship.

    T32 - Rachel Hartley - Sue Mooberry's student
    CPRIT - Aparna Gorthi - Alex Bishop's student
    CPRIT - Stella Chung - Radiological sciences student (Beth Goins)


    CPRIT - Trista Roobichaud - Bjorn Steffensen
    CPRIT - Pramod Gowda - LuZhe Sun


April, 2012

Congratulations to Lokendra Sharma for being selected to attend the Annual Summer Training Course in Experimental Aging Research to be held at the Buck Institute.


Congratulations to Rasika Vartak who has received a travel award from the Burroughs Welcome Travel Scholarship to attend the Mitochondrial Medicine 2012 meeting.


Congratulations to Meenakshi Tiwari who has been selected to participate in the Annual Summer Training Course in Experimental Aging Research at the Buck Institute this summer.


Congratulations to Arlan G. Richardson, Ph.D., the namesake honoree of the inaugural 2012 Arlan Richardson Student Research Symposium, converses with Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover, M.D., Ph.D., after Dr. Ciechanover's interesting lecture on ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation. Dr. Richardson is professor of Cell Systems & Anatomy in the School of Medicine at the UT Health Science Center and recently stepped down as Barshop Institute director.


Student Day organizers from the School of Medicine at the UT Health Science Center welcome Aaron Ciechanover, M.D., Ph.D., a world-renowned visitor to the Barshop Institute April 2 on the Texas Research Park Campus!


Left to right are:
Michael Walsh, fourth-year graduate student in the Biology of Aging track, mentored by Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D.
Yael Edrey, sixth-year graduate student in Physiology, mentored by Rochelle Buffenstein, Ph.D.
Jamila Momand, fifth-year graduate student in the Biology of Aging track, mentored by Christi Walter, Ph.D. and
Aaron Ciechanover, M.D., Ph.D., who shared the 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation.





Congratulations to Arlan Richardson on the My SA news story!
"Side effects of anti-aging drug may be fixable"
by Don Finle,
Express-News Copyright 2012.


Congratulations to Brent Thompson on an interview by KENS 5 TV on a collaborative project with Dr. Daws (Physiology).


Congratulations to Linda Johnson, Omid Rahimi and Fred Richards for being named Outstanding Faculty by the Medical Class of 2012!


March, 2012

Congratulations to Dr. Austad on his first San Antonio Express-News column! This is his first "On Agin" column, which will appear every other Sunday in S.A. Life.
Read @: Austad: Exploring the many answers to that age-old question


Congratulations to Steven Austad! Dr. Austad will be writing a biweekly column about aging in the San Antonio Express-News! Read more: S.A. Life column will focus on aging, health By Jessica Belasco


Congratulations to Alex Bishop who has just been notified he will be the recipient of a San Antonio Area Foundation award!


Congratulations to Erzsi Kokovay who has been awarded a UT System Rising Stars award!


Congratulations to Kay Oyajobi and Lily Dong who will serve as co-mentors for a KL2 recipient in the Department of Pathology, Dr. Edward Medina!


Congratulations to Dr. Kraig and Dr. Lin on their new grant awards!

  • Ellen Kraig is the recipient of a new R21.
  • Ai-Ling Lin is the recipient of a new Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science KL2 Award.


Congratulations to Dr. Habib on the news release of his study!


Cell Systems & Anatomy Annual Departmental Retreat:

    Thursday, May 17, 2012
    LaQuinta Inns & Suites
    4431 Horizon Hill Blvd.
    San Antonio, TX 78229


    Graduate Students are expected to attend and compete in the poster presentation!

February, 2012

CSB 18th in NIH Grants Rankings!
(as compiled by the Blue Ridge Institute)
CSB was unfortunately placed in the category of Pathology. It has been determined by the Dean of the School of Medicine that CSB would be 18th if listed correctly. This is a wonderful achievement.At a time when extramural funding is so difficult to secure, your dedication and hard work have kept us in the top 20 Cell Biology and Anatomy departments for 4 consecutive years.This achievement is a result of work done by those faculty, postdoctoral fellows and students submitting grants, the faculty that teach extensively in the anatomical sciences so that the researchers can devote more of their time to research, and the staff that work with us to get the grants submitted.


January, 2012

Congratulations to Samy L. Habib, Ph.D., on the HSC News article "One-fourth of South Texas kidney cancer patients have diabetes".


Congratulations to Daisy Dong in LuZhe Sun's lab for winning a research grant award from BD Biosciences!


Congratulations to Luiz O. F. Penalva, Ph.D., on the HSC News article "Scientists find novel mechanism of glioblastoma".


Congratulations to Diana Villareal. Diana was notified that her individual training fellowship will be funded!


Congratulations to Kay Oyajobi, the new chair elect of the faculty senate!



"Dr. Austad named interim director of Barshop Institute"


Steven Austad, Ph.D., was appointed interim director of the Barshop Institute for Longevity Studies at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, effective Jan. 1.


CTRC Summer 2012 Research Programs
The program targets students after their first year of undergraduate studies with successful completion of basic course work in the sciences (biology and/or chemistry).


CURE Summer 2012 Research Programs
A research experience for local undergraduate students and high school students from the Northside District.




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