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November, 2007

    24 honored at the 2008 Presidential Award Ceremony (Feb. 2008)
    Omid Rahimi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, is a recipient of the Presidential Teaching Award this year. Dr. Rahimi joins Dr. Sue Naylor in this distinguished honor! Congratulations to both Dr. Rahimi and Dr. Naylor! What a great display of teaching excellence from CSB faculty! (11/26/07)


    24 honored at the 2008 Presidential Award Ceremony (Feb. 2008)
    Susan L. Naylor, Ph.D., Professor, is the recipient of the Presidential Teaching Award this year. Congratulations Dr. Naylor! Also, Sue Naylor has joined Russ Reiter in ISI's Highly Cited authors. The web page is You can find the web pages for Sue and Russ at this web site. Way to go! (11/20/07)


    Annual PowderPuff football game. MS I vs MS II
    Our fearless teaching professionals, Dr Moore, Dr. Sakaguchi, Dr. Vogel and Dr. Johnson demonstrated their unique out-of-classroom talents in this match-up.(11/17/07)


September, 2007

    Faculty Senate presents awards to Drs. Startzell and Walter
    Christi A. Walter, Ph.D., Professor, and our Interim Chair, received the Faculty Senate's 1st Administrative Leadership award! Congratulations Dr. Walter! (9/21/07)


    September 12, 2007

      Dear CSB Faculty, Postdoctoral Fellows, Students and Administrative Staff,

      I would like to extend my appreciation to Dr. Robin Leach and Yolanda Zahorik for organizing a great retreat. I'd like to also acknowledge Anne Stevens' contributions to the retreat. Thanks to each participant for being engaged in this departmental function. Your involvement is a major factor in the success of the retreat. For those unable to attend I've tried to summarize below the awards presented or acknowledged at the retreat. Each of the awardees is highly deserving and I extend my congratulations to each.

      • Award for Excellence in Health Professional Student Education - Kris Vogel
      • Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Education - Bill Morgan
      • Guarino Award for M.S. Student - Blair Barnett
      • Guarino Award for Ph.D. Student - Florian Muller
      • Barbara Bowman Postdoctoral Fellow Award - Anson Pierce
      • Carillo Award - Bijal Karia
      • Barbara Bowman Graduate Student Award - Erik Verona

      • Tenured Professor - Linda Johnson
      • Tenured Associate Professor - Lily Dong
      • Tenured Associate Professor - Pam Larsen
      • Tenured Associate Professor - Holly Van Remmen

      Christi A. Walter, Ph.D.
      Professor & Interim Chair
      Department of Cell Systems & Anatomy



    LuZhe Sun, Ph.D., Professor, has been successful in getting an R01 funded as a competitive renewal! (9/4/07)


August, 2007

    Six faculty named distinguished teaching professors
    Congratulations to Linda Y. Johnson and Ellen Kraig for their recognition by the Health Science Center as Distinguished Teaching Professors. This honor is with approval from The University of Texas Academy of Health Science Education due to their significant, outstanding contributions to education. (8/27/07)


    Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences bestows awards (8/2/07)

    • Congratulations to Blair Barnett for being named the recipient of the "Guarino Award for Academic Excellence" in M.S. studies.
    • Congratulations are also due to Dr. Florian Muller, the recipient of the "Guarino Award for Academic Excellence" in Doctoral studies.
    • Dr. Anson Pierce is one recipient of the "Barbarah H. Bowman Scholarship"! Congratulations to Dr. Pierce on this award.


July, 2007


June, 2007

    Susan L. Naylor, Ph.D., Professor
    Congratulations to Dr. Sue Naylor, the recipient of a new "Nathan Shock Pilot Grant Award". (6/27/07)


    Ran to receive Nathan Shock New Investigator Award
    Qitao Ran, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    Congratulations to Qitao Ran. He is the 2007 recipient of the "Nathan Shock New Investigator Award". This is the result of a national competition with the award coming from the Gerontological Society of America. (6/27/07)


    Williams wins NIA Aging Research Dissertation Award
    Congratulations to Earlanda Williams, a graduate student in Ellen Kraig's laboratory, for getting an R36 application funded by the NIA/NIH. The R36 Research Dissertation Award to Increase Diversity program is a relatively new one at NIA and it is highly competitive, awarding only 6-8 grants per year. The grant is a 2 year research grant that covers both training expenses and research costs. Landa's proposal is titled "Effects of aging on immunity and autoimmunity". (6/27/07)


    Congratulations to Viviana Perez, Postdoctoral Fellow. She received the "Paul F. Glenn Award" for best postdoctoral fellow poster at the 2007 AGE meeting this past weekend! (6/5/07)


May, 2007


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February, 2007



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