Center for Patient Safety & Health Policy

Application Process for CS&E Course

  1. Cohorts begin in January and August. The Center Director issues a call for nominations approximately 60-90 days prior to the start of each cohort. Interested individuals should have a nomination form describing their project idea and signed by their supervisor indicating awareness of and support for their participation and the required time commitment. The number of participants in a course session is limited due to space and resource constraints.
  2. The CS&E Project Committee reviews the nomination forms to determine if the proposed project meets the goals and mission of the organization. Projects are prioritized according to their relevance to overall institution and course goals.
  3. If the project is accepted, the Center sends out a Commitment Form to each individual whose project is selected for the course. A completed, signed and returned form is required by the UT System Steering Committee and is the final step for an individual to be considered enrolled in the course.
  4. If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else for an upcoming course, please complete this form to initiate the registration process.