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Supervisors' and Managers' Responsibilities


Management personnel at every level are expected to set an ethical "tone" at the top and be role models for ethical behavior in their departments. Management should create a departmental culture that promotes the highest standards of ethics and compliance, and encourages everyone in the department to voice concerns when they arise.

Managers and supervisors include all individuals who have as a part of their job description the supervision of any University employee. The promotion of and adherence to the Institutional Compliance Program by all managers and supervisors is considered an integral part of their job performance. Additionally, employee awareness of and adherence to the Institutional Compliance Program is used as one element or measurement tool in the evaluation process for continuing employment and promotions.

Managers and supervisors are required to ensure and verify that all employees attend appropriate compliance training. Supervisors and managers must inform employees that the University will take disciplinary action for violation of these policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements and that strict adherence to the laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures are a condition of employment.

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