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ComplianceLine Frequently Asked Questions


What is ComplianceLine?

ComplianceLine is a “hotline”. It is a toll-free number (1-877-507-7317) or an electronic submission used to report allegations of fraud, theft, waste, non-compliance, and abuse at the University. We established ComplianceLine in order to provide you, the employee, with someone to call if you suspect something amiss.


How does ComplianceLine work?

ComplianceLine is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by contracted interview specialists. When you call, you will be asked to describe the nature of the suspected problem. From there, the information will be relayed promptly to the University. The University, in turn, decides what action is necessary.


How is the information reported back to the University?

Information will be gathered during the ComplianceLine call or through electronic submission and relayed to the University within one business day. The Office of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance will review the information and assign the report to the appropriate area for review and action. All case files are subject to review by the UT System to ensure that the University is following good practices in this process.


What type of calls does ComplianceLine accept?

Although ComplianceLine is designed primarily to report suspected waste, fraud, non-compliance, and abuse, all calls concerning the University will be relayed to the Office of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance. Typical calls include possible embezzlements, time and expense abuses, conflicts of interest, and kickbacks.


What if I only suspect something is wrong, but don't know for sure?

Most cases of fraud, theft, waste, non-compliance, and abuse are uncovered through tips and complaints from honest people who are not sure of their facts. That is perfectly all right. ComplianceLine will take the facts you do have and that information will be analyzed by experts. The University will then be informed.


Are ComplianceLine callers anonymous?

You will not be asked to provide your identity.


To what extent will ComplianceLine callers be involved after the initial call?

Once you report the initial information, you are finished. However, if you would like to call again and report additional facts, ComplianceLine computers make it easy to locate the case in question.


Are ComplianceLine calls recorded or can they be traced by the University?

No. ComplianceLine calls are not recorded and cannot be traced by the University since the ComplianceLine calls are received by an independent third party.


How soon will the University be notified after a call or electronic submission is reported?

ComplianceLine must notify the University within one business day.


Are ComplianceLine callers limited to the number of times they can report?

No. You may call as often as you wish to report information.


When is the best time for a caller to report to ComplianceLine?

You can call anytime; ComplianceLine is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Are law enforcement agencies notified of ComplianceLine reports?

The responsibility of ComplianceLine is to report the call to the University for appropriate action. If needed, the University is responsible for notifying the appropriate law enforcement agency.


Can information be faxed to ComplianceLine?

Yes. Information provided to ComplianceLine by fax will then be forwarded to the University. The ComplianceLine fax number is 1-800-500-0993.


Will there be a review process after each report is made?

Whether there is an review depends on a number of factors including the information provided, the details, documentation, if any, and University policy.


What legal protection is afforded me when I call ComplianceLine?

Under State of Texas law, the University is not allowed to take reprisals against employees who furnish good-faith reports of possible illegal activities.


Why should I call or electronically submit?

First, it is the right thing to do. The University is committed to honesty and integrity in all areas and operations. Second, it helps comply with the law, thereby possibly saving the University millions of dollars in fines, lost income, and lost jobs.

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