Office of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance, Compliance Office 210-567-2014, Compliance Line 1-877-507-7317

Required Notices for Disclosure of Social Security Numbers


Except in those instances in which UT Health San Antonio is legally required to collect a Social Security Number (SSN), an individual shall not be required to provide his or her SSN, nor shall the individual be denied access to the services at issue if the individual refuses to disclose his or her SSN. An individual, however, may volunteer his or her SSN as an alternate means of locating a record or accessing services. Questions about whether a particular use is required by law should be directed to the Office of Regulatory Affairs & Compliance, Gail Madison-Brown, Chief Compliance Officer/Privacy Officer at 567-2014.

Each time UT Health San Antonio requests an individual disclose his or her SSN, UT Health San Antonio shall provide one of the notices below to the individual whether the disclosure is mandatory or voluntary.

Future forms and reprints of existing stock of forms shall include the notice printed on the form.

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