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Contractual Language for New Computer Systems and Software Purchases


The following language should be placed in all Request for Proposals (RFP), contracts and purchase orders, for the acquisition and development of new computer systems or software in regards to social security numbers. The vendor of choice must adhere to these guidelines.

  • The system must use the social security number only as a data element or alternate key to a database and not as a primary key to a database;
  • The system must not display social security numbers visually (such as on monitors, printed forms, system outputs) unless required by law or permitted by this policy;
  • Name and directory systems must be capable of being indexed or keyed on the unique identifier, once it is assigned, and not on the social security number; and
  • For those databases that require social security numbers, the databases may automatically cross-reference between the social security number and other information through the use of conversion tables within a system or other technical mechanisms.

If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing Office at 567-6030.

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