Office of the Vice President for Academic Administration

Campus Health & Wellness Committee

Membership Category Department

Terms expire August 31, 2014:
Baez, Martha Dental Comprehensive Dentistry
Glassburn, Lowell Administrative/Professional Radiology
Yanes, Maria Classified Staff Academic Technology Services

Terms expire August 31, 2015:
Chang, Tien-Cheng (Arthur) Medical/Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology
Martinez, Martha Nursing Family & Community HS
Wettstein, Richard Health Professions Respiratory Care

Terms expire August 31, 2016:
Denver, Stacey Classified Staff Pediatrics
Finck, Brandy Administrative/Professional School of Nursing
Larsen, Pamela Medical/Basic Science Cellular & Structural Biology

Students (voting)
Coquat, Joshua Health Professions Respiratory Care
Doyungan, Alison Graduate Cellular & Structural Biology
Hinskey, Meghan Medical Medicine
Kim, Jason Dental Dentistry
Willis, Candyce Nursing Undergraduate Nursing

Ex Officio (voting)
Parks, Michael Chief of Police University Police
*Novak, Julie Director of Student Health UT Nursing Clinical Enterprise
Maatsch, Darrell G. Assistant Vice President, or Designee Facilities Management
Jackson, Jeff Director of Student Life, or Designee Student Services
Rivers, Ben Recreational Sports Program Coordinator or Designee Student Services
Rios, Joann H & W Program Liaison Human Resources
Tesh, Michael Vice President for Human Resources Human Resources


Consistent with the HSC’s strategic goal of enhancing the health of its employees and students, the purpose of the Campus Health and Wellness Committee is to serve as an advisory board to both Student Life and Human Resources in their effort to promote and provide wellness-related programs and activities.

Term of membership: Three years

Additional information: Committee meets biannually, but may meet more often. Active student participation on the committee is encouraged.

* Chair
** Vice Chair