Office of the Vice President for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs

Campus Health & Wellness Committee

Membership Category Department
Terms end August 31, 2019:
Woosley, Maria School of Medicine Pediatrics-Critical Care
Gomez-Leon, Ginny Office of the Vice President/CFO Office of Budget and Financial Planning
Larsen, Pamela School of Medicine Cell Systems & Anatomy
** Wybenga, Laurie H. School of Nursing  
Terms end August 31, 2020:
Benavides, Heidi School of Nursing Cell Systems & Anatomy
LaCoss, Jennifer School of Medicine Medicine/Gerontology and Palliative Medicine
Landaeta Quinones, Carlos School of Dentistry Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Trevino, Rodolfo Office of the VPR Institutional Animal Care Program
Terms end August 31, 2021:
Wettstein, Richard B. School of Health Professions Health Sciences/Respiratory Care
Matos, Johanna School of Nursing  
** Payne, Beth School of Medicine Pediatrics
Glassburn, Lowell School of Medicine Radiology
Ex Officio (voting)
Charlton, Michael Facilities Planning and Operations Environmental Health & Safety
Kaulfus, John Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs Student Success and Title IX
Parks, Michael Facilities Planning and Operations University Police
Rivers, Ben Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs Student Life
Jodie Gray Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences  
Keya Patel School of Dentistry  
Tracee Lucas School of Nursing  
Shawna Prieto School of Nursing  
Yezen Jarrar School of Medicine  
Holly Astin School of Medicine  
Katherine Jensen School of Medicine  
Jennah Hernandez School of Health Professions  


Consistent with the Health Science Center’s strategic goal of enhancing the health of its employees and students, the purpose of the Campus Health and Wellness Committee is to serve as an advisory board to both Student Life and Human Resources in their effort to promote and provide wellness-related programs and activities.

Term of membership: Three years