Office of the Vice President for Academic Administration

Faculty Promotions, Tenure, and Appointments Committee

Membership Category Department

Terms expire August 31, 2014:
Jiang, Jean Medical/Basic Science Biochemistry
Jones, Archie Dental Periodontics
-------- Medical/Clinical --------
Restrepo, Ruben Health Professions Respiratory Care
Strong, Randy Medical/Basic Science Pharmacology
Washburn, William Kenneth Medical/Clinical Transplant

Terms expire August 31, 2015:
Burns, Cheryl Health Professions Clinical Lab Sciences
Daws, Lynette C. Medical/Basic Science Physiology
Jackson, Brenda Nursing Health Rest & Care System Mgt
Jones, Anne Medical/Basic Science Pathology
*Tekmal, Rajeshwar Rao Medical/Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology
Spackman, Gregory K. Dental Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Terms expire August 31, 2016:
**Bailey, Steven Medical/Clinical Medicine - Cardiology
Martinez-Rogers, Norma Nursing Family & Community HS
Norling, Barry Dental Comprehensive Dentistry
Robin, Donald A. Medical/Clinical Neurology
Yew, P. Renee Medical/Basic Science Dept Molecular Medicine


In accordance with the “Guidelines for Establishing Rank and Tenure of Faculty”, to make recommendations to the President and the Vice President for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs on issues related to faculty promotion, tenure, and initial appointments; to review recommendations for faculty promotion; to review recommendations for faculty appointments for tenure; and to review recommendations of candidates for initial appointments at the levels of Associate Professor and Professor.

Term of membership: Three years

Additional Information: Committee meets monthly in November and December and weekly, January through March. Committee business is handled by email, telephone, and memo during remaining months. The workload is heavy. Committee members must be tenured.

* Chair
** Vice Chair