Office of the Vice President for Academic Administration

International Relations Committee

Membership Category Department

Terms expire August 31, 2014:
Buffenstein, Rochelle Medical/Basic Science Physiology
Lozano-Pineda, Juanita Dental Comprehensive Dentistry
Pease, Gina Administrative/Professional Barshop Institute
White, Carole Nursing Health Rest & Care System Mgt.

Terms expire August 31, 2015:
Agyin, Joseph Medical/Basic Science Biochemistry
Bluhm, M. Danet Lapiz Nursing Family & Community HS
Bonson, James Health Professions PA Studies
Ranch, Daniel Medical/Clinical Pediatrics

Terms expire August 31, 2016:
Amaechi, Bennett Dental Comprehensive Dentistry
Idrizi, Haneme Medical/Clinical Pediatrics
* Maffi, Shivani Medical/Clinical Molecular Medicine
Schambers, Yunius Health Professions PA Studies

Students (voting)
De Souza, Priscilla A. Nursing Nursing

Ex Officio (voting)
Dowlatshahi, Shahrzad Community Representative City of San Antonio
Salazar, Diana Director, International Services Office of International Services
Gargano, Michael Vice President for AFSA Office of the Academic, Faculty, & Student Affairs


To serve in an advisory and consultative capacity to the President and Vice President for Academic Administration. To help disseminate and acquire information in the health sciences on an international level. To develop, promote, and coordinate (where requested) support, and to encourage contact between this Health Science Center and academic institutions in other countries. To foster international alliances and visibility on campus.

Term of membership: Three years

Additional Information: Committee meets monthly. Committee conducts fund raising activities that support the goals of the committee. Committee members may be tenured or non-tenured faculty.

* Chair
** Vice Chair