Corporate Travel Planners, Inc. wishes you to know the following void ticket requirements initiated by the Airline Reporting corporation.................

Effective June 2, 2003, and beyond, all airline tickets, with the exception of Southwest Airlines, which must be voided, FOR ANY REASON, can only be voided the date of issue or until 11:59pm the following day. This means if you purchased a ticket on a Wednesday and you discovered on Friday that your meeting had been cancelled...YOU CAN NO LONGER VOID THE TICKET!!! THE AGENCY WILL HAVE AN ADDITIONAL BUSINESS DAY TO VERIFY VIA IAR WHETHER OR NOT THE VOID ACTUALLY WENT THROUGH THE SYSTEM. THIS ADDITIONAL BUSINESS DAY IS FOR VERIFICATION ONLY AND NOT FOR CUSTOMERS TO VOID THEIR TICKETS DUE TO CHANGE OR CANCELLATION.

Canceling a reservation that has not been ticketed is NOT CONSIDERED A VOID. A void is a reservation that has been ticketed and paid, but can be cancelled in the computer system without the credit card going through, or if the billing date is not in tandem, will automatically be removed from the next billing with no further action. YOU MAY STILL EXCHANGE your ticket for another, if you are applying a nonrefundable ticket to another nonrefundable ticket  PRIOR to the originally scheduled flight.

This is a MAJOR change for ticketing procedures. We wanted to make sure that you had plenty of advance notice and were not caught off-guard.

Furthermore, Southwest Airlines is an exception, since they are not a member of ARC. You have never been able to void a nonrefundable ticket on Southwest, but you can apply it to any future travel for anyone without a penalty. You may, of course, refund any non-penalty ticket on the other airlines, instead of voiding it, as you may with Southwest, as well.