Travel Services

International SOS Program

The University of Texas System has contracted with International SOS to provide worldwide assistance and evacuation services.The program is available to all employees and students traveling abroad on University business or programs. This includes employees and students who are already overseas on University programs.

Examples of services included within the program include 24-hour access to International SOS physicians who provide emergency and routine medical advice, emergency medical and security evacuations, lost document assistance, and access to country-specific medical and security information.

Please direct all questions regarding SOS Progam to the Travel Coordinator Karen Schweiger.

Enrollment for Employees and Students

It is not necessary to enroll in order to activate the program services; however, we strongly encourage all international travelers to create a Personal Travel Record.

To manually enter your travel itinerary in the SQS database:

  1. Access the International SOS web page ( and enter UT membership number 11BSGC000037 in members' log-in section on the left side of the page.
    Click on "go".
  2. The University of Texas / International SOS home page will display; scroll to the fourth paragraph and click on "CLICK here to access your Personal Travel Record!"

  3. If you are a new user please click on the New User / Register Here link at the bottom left corner.

  4. Complete Step 1 – User Information; Step 2 – My Profile, It then states your profile has been updated, enter or add a new trip.
  5. Follow the prompts to register information about your travel itinerary. Transportation (e.g. air, car, train, bus) should be entered in the section labeled "Travel" and information regarding lodging (e.g. hotel, private residence) should be entered in the section labeled "Stay."

We strongly encourage all international travelers to access the Country Guides that are accessible via the webpage after you enter the UT System membership number. These guides provide valuable medical, security and cultural information for travelers.

Travel Companions and Personal Travel

Travel companions are encouraged to purchase individual International SOS memberships, and they are eligible to receive a 20% discount off of the regular membership rate by entering the UT System membership number when purchasing their membership via the website.

Employees and their families can also purchase individual memberships at the discounted rate for personal travel.


Call 1-800-523-8662 and speak with an International SOS representative to secure coverage. Mention that you work for the University of Texas System to obtain the 20% discount.

Medical Insurance

It is important to understand that, although SOS will offer you travel, medical and security advice and services, as well as on-line access to information that many insurance companies do not offer, SOS is NOT health insurance. Requests for reimbursement for medical care received while abroad should be submitted to your health insurance provider. The traveler should maintain separate, comprehensive international health insurance coverage for the duration of the trip.

Visiting Students/Employees

The current contract with International SOS does not cover non-employees/non-students even if they are potential students or employees. Additionally, the current contract does not cover visa applicants that are required to have medical evacuation insurance, and it does not cover evacuation from the United States to another country. However, once the visitor has become affiliated with UTHSCSA, either by becoming a student or an employee, they are eligible for the UT System discount of 20% for their own evacuation insurance.