San Antonio is rather notorious for its traffic, but having a car does give your visitor a chance to visit the numerous sites around San Antonio. However, keep in mind if they are not going to be staying long enough to warrant a rental, it would be more hassle than it's worth. Weigh the overall cost of the rental against perhaps taking a taxi - depending on the length of the stay, a taxi to and from the airport may be more cost effective than a car rental. Also, keep in mind that the hotel where your traveler is staying may offer a shuttle between the airport and the hotel, and between the hotel and the Health Science Center. Be sure to ask.

    To keep the rental process as smooth as possible, keep in mind the following:

  1. If you are booking the air reservation through Corporate Travel, try to book the car (and hotel) through them at the same time. It saves time and can prevent confusion later.
  2. Be sure to let the traveler know that they must take a shuttle to the rental company's car lot out of the San Antonio airport. Each company usually has a desk next to the baggage claim area.
  3. If you need to have the car billed directly to the University, please see the "How Do I... " entry for direct billing a car.
  4. If you opt for a promotional rate, it will not be covered in the contract insurance. Ask for details.
  5. Enterprise and Advantage offer the lowest rates of all three contract rental companies.
  6. Enterprise's Standard size can be rented under the Intermediate size. There is no State rate for a "Standard" size car for Enterprise.
  7. Please review concerning Avis' licensee location, particularly in Texas. Some locations do not fully participate in the State contract terms; please see if your location is listed and what terms they do/do not honor.

Rental Rates - Click here for the current year's car contract rates.

Contract Rental Car Provisions - Click here for customer contact information and insurance provisions.