Travel Card Policies

    The rules concerning the travel card are rather restrictive. The Texas State Administrative Code Subchapter A, Rule 125.9, covers allowable uses of the Individual Travel Card. Although this is an individual liability card (the card holder is responsible for paying for the card versus the University), the charges on the card are still accountable under the provisions of this Rule and are auditable by Travel Services, by Internal Audit, and by the State Comptroller or other State entity.

By accepting an individual corporate travel charge card, the employee accepts the responsibility for paying all charges timely and agrees that the card is intended for official business travel use. Payment of charges on individual corporate travel charge cards is the sole responsibility of the individual. The state shall not be responsible for the charges, regardless of the type of charge, nor shall the state be liable for nonpayment by the employee.

Uses of the Card

    Here are some examples of acceptable charges. If there are charges you are unsure of, contact Travel Services for clarification.

    Here are examples of unacceptable charges. Monthly, the Travel Services office conducts an audit of Merchant Category Code exceptions and will query card holders concerning obvious unacceptable charges.