Individual Travel Card

    First, the general information:

Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) contracts with Citibank to provide Mastercard business travel charge card services for state agencies and travelers. Accounts may be established for a state agency and/or for individual state travelers. The state-issued travel Citibank cards will be imprinted "For Official State Business Travel Use Only." Based on the terms of the state’s contract with Citibank and an advisory opinion issued by the State Ethics Commission (Ethics Advisory Opinion No. 147), the state-issued Citibank card may be used only for official business travel purposes (whether or not the expense is in
    Practically, the card is used by employees to help pay for travel expenses away from the headquarters city. Purchasing airline tickets, paying for a hotel bill or car rental, and certain retail expenses while away are good examples of travel business expenses. There is more information in the Travel Card Policies page (see the link on the left, be sure to expand this topic by clicking the box next to Individual Travel Card). Click on the Application Information link on the left to see who can qualify for a travel card and how to apply for one.