Pay for Registration

Paying for registration fees is a frequent expense for employee travelers. There are several ways to pay for this expense, some of them allowing the traveler to not pay the registration out-of-pocket and seek reimbursement later.

HSC Pays Meeting Sponsor Directly

  1. The traveler will give all pertinent information on the registration fee to the travel arranger.
  2. The expense is noted as "Prepaid Registration Fees" in the requisition's travel panel.
  3. The travel arranger has two choices to pay for the registration:
    1. ProCard - used only if the fee does not include any other travel expenses such as lodging. Payment is usually immediate.
    2. Local/State voucher - can include allowable lodging expenses wrapped within the registration fee if the organizer does so, but payment can take longer for the organizer to receive than using a ProCard. The payment is sent via a check from Accounting through mail.
  4. The expense is paid directly from the authorized project/grant.Traveler pays and seeks reimbursement later 

Traveler pays and seeks reimbursement later

  1. The traveler would pay the fee using a check or credit card (whatever the organizer will allow).
  2. The expense is noted in the requisition's line details.
    CLICK - If the traveler pays ahead of time, isn't it considered prepaid?
  3. After the travel is finished, the traveler will seek reimbursement using the travel voucher.