Travel Overview

    Welcome to the Travel Services help page. On the left, select the link to the information or process you need. Please email me if you have any suggestions or questions.

    This is not meant to constitute the sum of all travel policies, only to give assistance in various aspects of travel. Travelers and travel arrangers are still subject to the rules, laws, statutes, and policies that regulate UT travel. If you need assistance in locating any of these, please contact Travel Services.

    For some help in basic travel and travel card issues, see the links to the left. Travel includes information in flights, cars, and hotels for employees and non-employees. Individual Travel Card has information concerning the State-issued JPMorgan Chase Individual Travel Card, such as how to apply and what some of the policies are. Contacts contains a few helpful contacts and links. How do I... is a compilation of how-to's, a list of basic steps with resources for each step.