Direct bill a car

If a traveler (employee or visitor) on Health Science Center business requires a car rental but does not have a credit card, or the department has another reason to pay for the rental directly, the rental bill can be charged directly to the department through Travel Services using an IDT.

  1. Book the reservation. (See Book a reservation )
  2. In the travel requisition, do not put the rental car expense in the line items panel. Instead, you will place the charge in the edits and comments panel as a comment, such as "Rental car direct bill: $75 total".
  3. Fill out the Car Rental Direct Bill request form. Be sure the renter's name will show on the final invoice when the car is picked up or the bill will be rejected. Situations like this usually happen when someone other than the actual driver picks up or signs for the rental.
  4. Fax the form and a copy of the confirmation (with prices) to Travel Services (562-6290). If this is for a visitor, be sure to include a copy of the Prior Approval form. If this is for an employee, be sure to note the requisition number and project ID that will cover the travel expenses.
  5. Once the direct bill is approved, Travel Services will contact the person listed as the booking agent on the direct bill request in order to have the direct bill code moved into the reservation.
  6. When Travel Services receives the bill for the rental, it is reviewed then faxed back to the car company along with a copy of the approved request to authorize the charge to the central bill account.
  7. Once the central bill account is reconciled, the car charge is billed to the department by accounting via an IDT.

If there are any questions about the direct bill, contact Travel Services (562-6216) for more information.