Cancel or change a line item in a requisition

Before Budget Check

Prior to budget checking a requisition for the first time, it is easy to make changes to the requisition. Simply retrieve the requisition and edit the date in the requisition as needed. Changes you might need to make include:

After Budget Check and Before Approval

  1. After retrieving the requisition, set the requisition status to Open and click Save. This will update the status so that approvers cannot approve the requisition.
  2. Click the Line Details panel tab and press the Line Detail pushbutton for the line you need to cancel or modify. This is the second icon after the line description.
  3. In the resulting Line Details sub-panel, press the Create Line Change button (blue checkmark icon on the top right of the sub-panel). This will return you to the Line Details panel and create a change order for this requisition. Notice the line is now un-grayed.
  4. At this point, if you only need to change the line, make your modifications and skip to line 8. If you need to cancel the line, continue with the next step.
  5. Replace the line description with the words "CANCEL LINE" in the long description field. Click the Price field. A confirmation dialog box will pop up saying, "This action will create a change order. Continue?" Click Yes.
  6. Change the Price to zero dollars and press TAB. Another confirmation dialog box will pop up saying, "Is there no charge for this item?" Click Yes but do not change the quantity - this must be greater than zero.
  7. On the Header Info panel, set the status of the requisition back to Pending. Click Save and click OK on the resulting notification box.
  8. Click the Edits and Comments panel tab, edit check and budget check the requisition.
  9. Send the requisition for approval.

After Requisition Has Been Approved

   Call Travel Services (562-6216) or email Travel Services ( with the travel requisition number. Travel Services will reset the status to pending, which will allow you to retrieve the requisition and make the necessary changes. Remember that only requisitions in which the trip has not yet begun or passed, can be revised.

   If you need further help or information, contact DCATS.