Rental -vs- Personal Mileage

This form is to assist travel arrangers in figuring which is more cost effective, reimbursing a rental car and fuel or reimbursing personal car mileage. This is an estimate only and not to be printed for reimbursement purposes.

There are several variables, such as taxes and fees, that cannot be built into this calculator. Therefore, we are using 15% as an approximation. Please see the additional notes at the bottom of this calculator.

Please remember this is an estimate only, not used for voucher or payment info!

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Car company:

Type of car:


Here are the totals:
Rental = $
Personal car mileage = $
Totals are based on the following:
  • $0.445 per mile for personal car mileage
  • Using 15% as a tax and fee approximation on the rental. This figure could vary between -5% to +10%.
  • Using the following figures for miles-per-gallon on rentals:
    • Compact - 30 mpg
    • Intermediate - 25 mpg
    • Full-size - 20 mpg
    • Minivan and Medium SUV - 17 mpg
    • Large SUV - 12 mpg
  • This does calculate a rough estimate of weekly rates (over 5 days).