00-1    Transition of Corporate Travel Charge Card Program

December 10, 1999


TO:              Executive Committee, Department Chairpersons, Directors, Administrative Heads

FROM:        Wayne E. Reed
                    Director of Business Operations and Material Services/
                    Travel Coordinator

SUBJECT:   Travel Services Bulletin 00-1
                    Transition of Corporate Travel Charge Card Program

Effective September 1, 1999, the Materials Management Commission (GSC) has contracted with Bank of America (BOA) to replace the previous contract with American Express (AMEX), for the State’s corporate travel charge card program.  However, GSC extended a 120 day transition period to AMEX to enable appropriate time for State agencies to convert their corporate travel charge card programs.

During the month of December 1999, the Health Science Center Travel Services Office will be working to have BOA issue Mastercards to previous AMEX cardmembers who actively used their AMEX corporate cards during the 13-month period, which ended October 31, 1999, and who had current account balances, as of September 1, 1999 (with delinquencies not greater than 30 days).  In addition, persons who received AMEX cards since September 1, 1999 should automatically receive a new BOA Mastercard.  The new BOA Mastercards will be forwarded directly from BOA, to the eligible former AMEX cardmembers, at the cardmember’s last billing address of record with American Express.

Individuals who are automatically issued a new BOA Mastercard will be responsible for completing and submitting a BOA application, and returning the application to the Travel Services Office for forwarding to Bank of America within 60 days of receipt of the Mastercard.  The Travel Services Office will forward a BOA application to cardmembers who automatically received the new Mastercard, for completion by the cardmember, and return to the Travel Services Office (for forwarding to Bank of America, by the Travel Services Office) within the 60 day period, required by BOA.  If the application is not received by the Travel Services Office in time to route to Bank of America, within the 60 day period, the new card will be placed on “hold status” by Bank of America.

Cardmembers with AMEX accounts which were 60 or 90 days past due, on September 1, 1999,  who desire a BOA Mastercard, and individuals who did not have an AMEX Corporate Card, who desire a BOA Mastercard, will be required to submit an application through the Travel Services Office. These applications will be processed by Bank of America and go through screening and credit check procedures. Applications for BOA Mastercards may be obtained through the Health Science Center Travel Services Office.

The State’s program with BOA is designed to furnish State employees with a convenient, readily accepted charge card for business travel purposes.  To be eligible to receive a state-issued BOA Mastercard, persons will be expected to: 1)  take three (3) or more business trips, per fiscal year or 2) expend at least $500 for business travel, per fiscal year.  Each cardmember's monthly bills will be sent to the address indicated on the cardmember’s application.  Each cardmember will be responsible for paying the bill in full, each billing cycle.

Please note the following conditions related to card usage:

 1.     The State-issued corporate BOA cards will be imprinted “For Official State Business Travel Use Only.” Based on the terms of the State’s contract with BOA and an advisory opinion issued by the State Ethics Commission (Ethics Advisory Opinion No. 147), the State-issued BOA card may be used only for official business travel purposes (whether or not the expense is in whole or in part reimbursed by a State agency or university).

 2. State law and University of Texas System policy require that ALL airfares which are  funded by ANY University account, regardless of the source of the funds, must be:

                                                 a) purchased with your State-issued corporate BOA card;


                                                 b) purchased by charging directly to a University BOA Mastercard
                                                corporate travel charge card central bill account, with an approved
                                                Request for Travel Authorization (RTA), processed through one of
                                                our contract travel agencies, Corporate Travel Planners, Inc., or
                                                Rennert World Travel, Inc.

3. The Materials Management Commission’s contract with Bank of America provides for Mastercards with a $5000 monthly credit limit and a $200 retail expenditure cap, per monthly billing cycle, to be issued to eligible Health Science Center Business travelers.

4. The Bank of America Mastercard corporate travel charge card program is an individual liability program.  Therefore, each cardmember is responsible for payment of any charges resulting from use of the cardmember’s BOA Mastercard.

If you have questions or need additional clarification concerning our transition to the new corporate business travel charge card program with Bank of America, please call the UTHSCSA Travel Services Office at Extension 2037.

Thank you!


cc:     Assistants to the Deans
         Departmental Administrative Staff
        Christy Richardson, President, Corporate Travel Planner, Inc.
         Michael Sauder, President, Rennert World Travel, Inc.

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