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ProCard Program Summary

The ProCard is a credit card (JP Morgan Chase MasterCard) program issued to individuals for Business transactions only. The program was designed to assist in the management and payment of business-related purchases.

The ProCard has the potential to become a huge cost saver for the University. Utilization of the ProCard reduces invoice payment costs and the costs associated with processing small dollar requisitions and some employee reimbursements. The University receives and pays one monthly billing statement. One check is issued to JP Morgan Chase and the transactions are posted to the department's project / grants by IDT.

The program is proving to be a very useful tool for ordering small dollar items. Vendors are paid within 3 business days by JP Morgan Chase and are more responsive to your needs.

Applications must first be approved and signed by the department Vice President, Director, or Dean, and then by the Program Administrator (ProCard Coordinator).

The card may be used for in-store purchases, mail, fax orders, as well as Internet purchases. The card may not be used for purchases from internal operations such as General Stores, Print Shop, and/or The Computer Store.

Standard Credit limits are $1,000.00 per single transaction and $5,000.00 per month.

Unacceptable Purchases:
  • Any purchase that exceeds the cardholder's dollar limit per transaction or monthly limit- transactions may not be split to divide large purchases over the cardholder's limit.
  • Any purchase that is not allowed on the project/grant that is used to pay for the transaction (contact the Grants Management office for verification)
  • Air Fare and/or any other transportation related expenses (auto rental, hotel, etc.)
  • Animals or veterinary services
  • State Comptroller defined controlled items $500.00 and over subject to a numbered property tag (includes fax machines, telecopiers, stereo systems, cameras, TV's, etc.)
  • Cash advances or cash refunds
  • Chemicals, radioactive, or hazardous materials requiring Institutional Safety's approval
  • Consulting or any professional services (doctor, hospitals, schools, organizations, etc.)
  • Entertainment (including restaurants, bar, nightclubs, taverns, tickets for events, etc.)
  • Ethyl alcohol or any alcoholic beverages
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Fuel
  • Motor vehicle purchases/rentals (automobile, boat, motorcycle, motor homes, etc.)
  • Personal gifts or items
  • Personal Services (laundry, barbers, funeral services, dating services, health spas, etc.)
  • Prescription drugs/Substances controlled by the DEA
  • Printing or reproduction services (must be competitively bid.)
  • Temporary Personnel
  • Travel (transportation) and related expenses including meals while in travel status
  • Utilities
For an added reduced risk, certain types of merchants, which are identified in the ProCard system by an MCC code, are blocked. In other words, JP Morgan Chase will decline the transaction at certain types of establishments based on the above restrictions.

Acceptable Purchases: (All transactions must be under $1,000 including shipping charges.)
  • Minor peripheral computer parts or supplies (mouse, keyboard, computer cable, etc.)
  • Medical Supplies
  • Lab & Safety Supplies
  • Office equipment (calculators, staplers, hole punchers, etc.)
  • Office Supplies
  • Freight/Shipping Charges
  • Registrations for conferences/seminars (not to include any travel related expenses)
  • Abstracts
  • Equipment repairs
Cardholder Responsibility
  • Employees may not use their ProCard for personal use of purchases prohibited by H.O.P. policy
  • Any inappropriate use requires repayment to the University and can result in loss of the card and/or disciplinary action.
  • Employees must provide documentation (receipts) and business purpose for all purchases to the Department Account Manager.
  • Must provide the vendor complete/detailed shipping instructions
  • All returns, credits, or disputed items will be the cardholder's responsibility
  • Cardholder must make certain there is no Sales Tax charged
  • Lost or stolen cards must be reported by the cardholder immediately to JP Morgan Chase and to the Purchasing Office (Karen Schweiger)
Account Managers Responsibilities:
  • May not be a cardholder and must be designated by the department
  • Account Managers collect all cardholder transaction receipts and any other pertinent documentation to be submitted to the Purchasing Office (Karen Schweiger). The receipts are reconciled monthly with the cardholder's billing statement.
  • Financial information and transaction explanations are entered into the JP Morgan Chase On Line system. Information is used for IDT posting and reporting purposes.
  • Monthly reports are generated at the end of each billing cycle to include the above information and submitted to the Purchasing Office (Karen Schweiger)
  • Account Managers obtain signatures from the department Vice President, Director, or Dean approving the cardholder's monthly transactions as well as any other authorized signatures.
  • Account Managers will collect Pro Cards from terminating employees and submit them to the Purchasing Office (Karen Schweiger)