Procurement Cards

Vikki F. Ross


***ALERT - Please Read***


Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

This message is being sent by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts to share information received from Citi.

Citi cardholders have reported receiving text messages from 19014140142@VTEXT.COM informing them of suspension of their card unless certain information is verified, such as full account number, CVV, last 4 of SSN, and 4 digit PIN.

This phone number has now been taken over by the Federal Trade Commission and when dialed will now play a pre-recorded message indicating that callers may have been involved in a phishing attack. Additional information is then provided to advise callers of what these attacks are and how to protect themselves from potential fraud. As a reminder, under no circumstances would Citi require a cardholder to submit this information.

If you receive calls regarding this, please advise callers that these messages do not originate with Citi and should not be responded to. Program administrators may contact Citi's Client Account Specialists (CAS) toll-free at 1-888-836-5011 Option 3, ext. 1489230, with any questions or to report any suspicious activity. Cardholders should be reminded to contact their program administrator or Citi's Customer Service toll-free number on the back of their card if they receive such a text message or any other suspicious communication.

For additional questions or concerns, please contact the Statewide Contract Support Team by email or by phone at 512-463-3435.

NEW FY2014 ProCard Billing Cycle Schedule

The UTHSCSA is pleased to offer a purchasing card program to faculty and staff. The ProCard provides the UTHSCSA an efficient, cost effective method of handling purchases and related payment procedures.

Services provided by the ProCard Office include:

  • Processing card applications and issuing of ProCards
  • Cardholder training of ProCard Policies and Procedures
  • Assists with resolution of billing disputes when necessary
  • Maintenance of credit card on-line cost allocation system
  • Review and retention of cardholder transaction receipts

ProCard email address: