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How to Obtain a card

  • Complete and submit a Cardholder Application to:
    Purchasing Department
    Attn: ProCardAdmin

    FAX - (210) 562-6290
    • Application must include a default project/grant and a default account number
    • Application must be signed by the department V.P., Chairman, Dean, or Director.
  • Program Administrator reviews and approves applications.
  • Commerical Card Coordinator requests card from JP Morgan Chase. This process may take approximately 2 weeks.
  • Commercial Card Coordinator will contact the Card Applicant and Account Manager after the card arrives to schedule a Pro Card Policies and Procedures training session.
  • Card Applicant and Account Manager attend the training session (approximately 1.5 hrs) and signs the "Acknowledge of Receipt of Procurement Card" affirming that the cardholder has read and understands the policies, and responsibilities associated with the Pro Card.
  • Card is issued.