Quick guide to using the

UTHSCSA General Stores Catalog

Spreadsheet Look-up



The UTHSCSA General Stores Catalog can be found at the following link:




·                   Use the spreadsheet catalog look-up to search by Description or Item.


·                   Filter searches by any catalog field, including Family, Item, or Description.


·                   Quick Print feature prints selected catalog items or entire catalog.


·                   Follow these quick steps:


1. Click the UTHSCSA General Stores Catalog link.  The File Download window may appear.



The UTHSCSA_STORES_CATALOG.xls is a Microsoft Excel file.


2.      Click the Open button to open the file, or Save button to save the file.  Note:  Depending on the workstation’s security settings, users may be prompted to Enable Macros setting. 



Click the Always trust macros from this publisher button, and then click to Enable Macros to proceed.  Note:  Click De­tails… for Macro certificate.




3.      The spreadsheet will appear.



Users can filter the spreadsheet by any of the column headings.  To clear the filter, select the Show All button.


Users can enter a partial description or item number to search within the spreadsheet.


Example.  The term “solution” was entered in the Find field.  A search by Description was performed.  The search resulted in 48 items within the spreadsheet that contain the term “solution”.  The user can filter further by Family, Item or Description.



4.      To print the catalog, select the Print button on the spreadsheet.  The Print Preview panel will appear.   To print the complete catalog, make sure to select the Show All button before selecting the Print button. 



             By default, the print setup will appear as Landscape.  The file will be formatted to fit the page upon print.  Users can manually override these setting.

     Select the Setup button on the Print Preview panel to change these default printer settings. 




5.      To close the file, select File, Close or click the button to close the spreadsheet.