Office of the Bursar

Bursar4Students Contacts

Accounting Manager
(Student Accounting)

Diana Gonzalez
Email: Bursar4Students

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Online Payment Procedures

This must be done on a PC using Internet Explorer or on an Apple/MAC using Safari.

If you are using an Apple/Mac computer, you must enable your cookies on the Safari Browser (i.e. go to preferences > security tab> click enable cookies).

Log onto the Student Self Service:

Enter your UserID and Password
Answer YES to the security alert
Click on Student Administration
Click on Self Service
Click on Student Center
Click the Make a Payment Link

At this point, select either Pay by *Credit Card or Pay by Electronic Check.
After selection, student will be taken to the CashNet site to provide the necessary information to make a payment or to set a parent up as a user.

Once "Submit Payment" has been selected, the payment is reflected on the student account. The student will receive a confirmation email for the payment. For assistance with online payments, please call CashNet at 1.800.339.8131.

*Note: CashNet does not accept Visa.