ARTT Center of Excellence UT Health San Antonio

Behavior, Biology, and Chemistry:
Translational Research in Addiction

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  • BBC Registration
  • Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • Poster Session 1
  • Plenary Symposium: "Imaging Addiction"
    • Deborah C Mash, PhD
      Understanding addiction through post-mortem analyses of human brain.
    • Congwu Du, PhD
      Advanced optical imaging of the neurotoxic and functional consequences of cocaine self-administration in rats.
    • David A Matuskey, MD
      Utilizing PET to image dopamine, serotonin, and opioid systems in addiction.
    • Nelly Alia-Klien, PhD
      Multimodal approaches to the functional imaging of addiction and related conditions.
  • Oral Communications
  • Special Lecture: Stephen M Husbands, PhD, University of Bath
  • Cocktail Hour and Poster Session
  • After Dinner Speaker: Dr. Christopher R McCurdy, PhD, University of Florida College of Pharmacy
  • Hospitality and Entertainment


  • Poster Session 2
  • Open Oral Communications
  • Special Lecture: Dr. Sharon L Walsh, University of Kentucky
  • Presentation of travel awards and awards for oral and poster presentations *
  • Adjournment and Lunch

*Attendees must be present when winners are announced at the closing remarks to accept prizes for oral and poster presentations. If the winner is not present, they forfeit their prizes.

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