Office Listings

Name Phone Room
INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS (formerly Systems and Network Operations) (210) 567-7600 MED Rm 411L
Villareal, Jay, Director (210) 450-4150  
Network, Planning and Engineering    
Systems Planning and Engineering    
Mueller, Wayne, IT Systems Architect-Senior (210) 567-2184  
Telecommunications and Network Operations    
Alexander, Mark, Manager, Network Operations (210) 450-1903  
Project Planning    
Waggoner, Norma, Manager, Project Planning (210) 450-0220  
Data Center and Systems Operations    
Nava, Carol, Manager, Information Systems Operations (210) 567-2097  
Infrastructure and Messaging    
Purcell, Brian, Manager, System Administration (210) 567-2383  
Application Integraton Solutions    
Gerwitz, Becki, Manager, System Administration (210) 567-0594