Office Listings

Name Phone Room
RADIOLOGY (210) 567-5563 MED Rm 636F
Administrative Office (210) 567-5558 MED Rm 636F
Otto, Pamela M, MD, Interim Chairman    
Ratner, Adam V, MD, Deputy Chair of Strategic Development and Socioeconomics    
Nelson, Jeannie, Assistant to Chair (210) 567-5558  
Glassburn, Lowell, Administrator    
Whittaker, Donna, Office Manager (210) 567-5539  
Lavers, Mina, Medical Staff Coordinator (210) 567-5600  
Garcia, Sandra, Credentialing Specialist (210) 567-0512  
Accounting Office (210) 567-5571 MED Rm 576C
Bautista, Mueller, Carolyn, Accountant-Sr    
Gutierrez, Juan, MD, Vice Chair of Clinical Operations    
Howard, Cheryl, Adm Healthcare Assist-Sr Clinical Division Administrator    
Tarango, Angela, Admin Healthcare Assistant    
Esquivel, Jessica, Admin Healthcare Assistant    
Shults, Gladys, Admin Healthcare Assistant    
UHS (210) 567-3448 UHS Rm Ho125
Gutierrez, Juan, MD, Director, Radiology UHS    
VAH (210) 617-5122 VAH Rm H110
Duffy, Daniel J, MD, Director, Radiology, VAH    
Radiology MARC (210) 450-6000 MARC
Jew, Mary Lou, Director of Radiology Services, MARC    
Radiology CTRC - UHS Breast Health Center (210) 450-5050 CTRC
Otto, Pamela, MD, Director of Breast Imaging/Intervention    
Kist, Kenneth, MD, Associate Director of Breast Imaging/Intervention    
Radiological Sciences Graduate Program (210) 567-5550 MED Rm 652E
Clarke, Geoffrey, PhD, Program Director, COGS Chair    
Edwards, Loretta, Academic Coordinator (210) 567-5550 MED Rm 652E
Kenney-Perez, Edie, Admin Asst I (210) 567-5552 MED Rm 652E
Clinical Radiology Educational Programs (210) 567-6470 UNH Rm 216
Suri, Rajeev, MD, Program Director, Diagnostic Radiology Residency & Interventional Radiology Fellowship    
Freabe, Lissette, Academic Coordinator, (Residents/Fellows Program Coordinator) (210) 567-6482 MED Rm 652E
Navarro, Stephanie, Secretary-Sr    
Metter, Darlene, MD, Assoc Program Dir, Nuclear Medicine (210) 567-5552  
Kenney-Perez, Edie, Admin Asst-Assoc (Medical Student Coordinator) (210) 567-5552 MED Rm 652E
DIVISION OF RESEARCH (210) 567-5544 MED Rm 639F
Fox, Peter, MD, Vice Chairman    
Pacetti-Perkins, Isabella, Research Coordinator - Senior (210) 567-1756  
Vacant, (Grant Coordinator) (210) 567-5544  
Biomolecular Imaging & Nanotechnology Lab (210) 567-5544 MED Rm 617F
Phillips, William T, MD, Director    
Human Imaging Lab (210) 567-5544 MED Rm 614F
Small Animal Imaging Lab-microSPECT/CT/PET (210) 567-5544 MED Rm 526C
Goins, Beth, PhD, Director    
Research Imaging Institute (210) 567-8150 MCD Rm 2.414
Fox, Peter, MD, Director    
Martinez, Mary Ann, Assist to the Director (210) 567-8150  
Hopkins, Terily, Business Administrator (210) 567-8180