Office Listings

Name Phone Room
Administrative Office    
Conway, Deborah L, MD, Associate Professor and Interim Chair (210) 567-4950 MED Rm 436F
Bogue, T Joyce, Assistant to the Chair - Senior (210) 567-4950 MED Rm 436F
Hartman, Brandon, Administrator (210) 567-4955 MED Rm 435F
Reyna, Sofia, Senior Admin Asst (210) 567-4955 MED Rm 436F
Huff, Robert W, MD, Professor and Deputy Chairman for Academic Affairs (210) 567-5000 MED Rm 433D
Martinez, Margaux, Academic Coordinator (210) 567-5000 MED Rm 433D
Residency Training    
Xenakis, Elly M-J, MD, Director (210) 567-5009 MED Rm 439D
Barrera, Jackie (210) 567-4953 MED Rm 411E
Maternal-Fetal Medicine    
Xenakis, Elly M-J, MD, Division Chief (210) 567-5009 MED Rm 439D
Stevens, Noel, Senior Admin Asst    
Hall, Kevin L, MD, Division Chief (210) 567-5051 MED Rm 428F
Atkins, Debbie, Senior Admin Asst    
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility    
Robinson, Randal, MD, Division Chief (210) 567-4924 MED Room 420E
Gutierrez, Patricia D, Senior Admin Asst (210) 567-4924  
Reproductive Research    
Tekmal, Rajeshwar, PhD, Division Chief (210) 567-4930 MED Rm 438F
Davison, Terry, Senior Admin Asst    
Accounting Unit    
Ramirez, E Alice, Management Analyst (210) 567-4949 MED Rm 434F
Vasquez, Martha, Accounting Coordinator Intermediate (210) 567-4954 MED Rm 434F
UT Medicine Women's Health Center    
Castillo, Elizabeth, Practice Administrator (210) 450-9538 MARC, 5th Floor
Fertility Center (210) 450-9500  
Maternal-Fetal Medicine (210) 450-9500  
Gynecology (210) 450-9500  
Oncology (210) 450-9500