ARTT Center of Excellence UT Health San Antonio

NIDA T32 Training Program
Postdoctoral Training in Drug Abuse Research:
Behavior & Neurobiology

Advisory Committees

Internal Advisory Committee

An Internal Advisory Committee assists the Director with administration of the Program. The Program Director and the Internal Advisory Committee comprise the Executive Committee, which is responsible for annual evaluations of trainees and contributes to the annual evaluation of the Program (together with the External Advisory Committee). The Executive Committee also reviews applications to the Program and determine whether current trainees qualify for an additional year of support.

Name Term
James D Lechleiter, PhD 2014 – 2019
Kelly A Berg, PhD 2015 – 2020
Daniel J Lodge, PhD 2016 – 2021
Jennifer S Potter, PhD 2016 – 2021
Gregory T Collins, PhD 2017 – 2022

External Advisory Committee

The primary responsibilities of the External Advisory Committee are to provide guidance to the Program Director and to annually evaluate the Program and the trainees. Members are asked to serve on the Committee because of their expertise in mentoring, education, administration, and addiction research.

Name Institution Term
Ellen A Walker, PhD Temple University 2015-2019
Cecilia J Hillard, PhD Medical College of Wisconsin 2015-2019
Robert N Pechnick, PhD Western University of Health Sciences 2017-2021
Kevin M. Gray, MD Medical University of South Carolina 2018-2022


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