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Be Well: Outpatient Substance Use Treatment


Psychotherapy is simply an open and collaborative dialogue. It involves a therapist and a patient working together to address the patient’s personal life stressors and concerns- all in an objective, neutral, and completely nonjudgmental environment.

By identifying barriers that may inhibit a patient’s recovery, psychotherapy helps to successfully implement a plan that will be most effective for each unique individual. Psychotherapy helps patients develop better coping skills and habits to stop substance use and promote a healthier outlook on life.

Comprehensive support. Successful recovery.

It’s important to understand the services we may utilize to help our patients recover. Comprehensive treatment options at Be Well often include group and individual psychotherapy, in combination with psychiatric treatment. Group psychotherapy sessions focus on substance use education, relapse control and prevention, stress management, building effective coping skills and fostering positive family and interpersonal interactions, while individual therapy may address the personal underlying causes of substance use. Psychiatric care utilizes medication support as part of the full scope of treatment.