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UT Health Behavioral Wellness Clinic

Be Well: Outpatient Substance Use Treatment

About Us

Be Well. It’s the simple goal of everyone who walks through our doors: to find hope through recovery- and life after substance dependence.

The UT Health Behavioral Wellness Clinic (Be Well) is a comprehensive substance use treatment program treating a wide variety of substance dependence problems. Be Well offers personalized care through education, psychotherapy, and psychiatric treatment. Our physician prescribes a variety of evidence-based medications such as buprenorphine (e.g., Suboxone) and naltrexone (e.g., Vivitrol) and other medications if needed to aid in the recovery process.

Led by our compassionate and dedicated clinicians, our team is here to help every person reach their goals for a healthy, balanced life as we work together guiding patients and family, and providing support through the recovery process. Learn more about us including location using the links on this page. Take the first step in discovering life after substance dependence.

Contact one of our caring staff to schedule a consultation at 210-450-6450.